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DR REBORN created the exclusive "Functional Slimming Plan", which allows you to choose 20 international original factory slimming instruments at the best price. Inspire the 3 keys to a perfect body: body fat rate, muscle mass and body shape ratio, 3 steps each time, from detoxification and water removal, fat loss and muscle gain to skin tightening and wrinkles removal, to create a firm and perfect body, positioning and reshaping charming lines. Shocking entry price starts from $7,500, and the course of treatment is as low as $240/time! Register now to experience the functional slimming treatment to create the perfect body curve.

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Terms and Conditions:
1) The free trial offer is only applicable to new customers of DR REBORN aged 18 or above.
2) The preferential price experience discount is applicable to new customers of DR REBORN who are over 18 years old or old customers who are trying this treatment for the first time.
3) Before enjoying the treatment, the customer must present a valid proof document for registration.
4) The above offers are only applicable to one person and can only be used once, and cannot be used in conjunction with other offers or discounts, and cannot be exchanged for cash, other treatments and products.
5) Before taking the course of treatment, the client should understand and agree to the items and contents of the course of treatment arranged by the Group.
6) 客人最終接受之療程將因應產品或儀器等貨源情況、或客人當時身體及皮膚狀況或醫生諮詢後專業方案而作最後決定。
7) 本公司有權撤銷、改變、增添或更改以上各項守則的內容,而無須另行通知。
8) 如有任何爭議,醫思健康(EC Healthcare)將保留最終決定權。

cause posture

3big culprit

Excessive body fat

If the body fat of a woman exceeds 30% and that of a man exceeds 25%, it is considered obese even if the body weight (BMI) is normal. Lack of exercise habits, love of sweets, etc. are exactly the causes of "puff people" with low basal metabolic rate and high body fat.

Common characteristics: apple-shaped, pear-shaped body shape, waist circumference and lower body are relatively obese

Insufficient muscle mass

Fat is less dense than muscle, so the volume of fat for the same weight will be three times the volume of muscle! Even at the same weight, a person with less muscle mass will look noticeably bloated and fatter!

Common features: arm fat, protruding belly, sagging buttocks, etc.

Poor body proportions

Each person's body shape and fat distribution are related to genes and heredity, so many people have partial obesity problems, resulting in poor body proportions, visually fat and short.

Common features: false hip width, short legs, central obesity, etc.

Reduce body fat percentage, increase muscle mass and improve body proportion

This is the key to developing a perfect body shape!

Why do we need functional slimming?​

Specific for condition ofBody fat percentage, muscle mass and body proportionsthree keys,
The functional slimming program selects a number of treatments,
3 steps each time, from detoxification and dehydration, fat loss and muscle gain to skin firming and anti-wrinkle,
Create a firm and perfect body, position and reshape the charming lines.

Composite functional fiber shape

STEP1Detoxification and dehydration, dredging lymph

Dredge the lymphatic channels and promote circulation in the body
Accelerate detoxification and improve body edema

STEP2Lose fat and increase muscle, focus on shaping

Destroy and shrink stubborn fat cells
Stimulate deep muscle movement and create firm and toned lines

STEP3Firming and anti-wrinkle, tighten lines

Stimulates the proliferation of collagen and restores firmness and elasticity to the skin
Precise fixed-point modification to create a perfect curve

Why do we need functional slimming?​

International professional certification

Genuine factory slimming instrument

Over 12 million Service Visits*

The choice of integrity management confidence

Sincere Management

Professional guarantee safe and effective

Professional Guarantee
Safe and Effective

Genuine factory price advantage

Genuine Products
Price advantage

Leading the industry sales champion

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Over 7 years cooling off system

Pioneered cooling-off period
for over 7 years

*Calculated based on the data of Union Thinking Group from January 2013 to September 2022

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