Fat and thin people have to learn! KO double chin depends on these...

Q: Is the double chin only caused by obesity?

Answer: Don't think that the double chin is just because of excess, unless you are a thin person, you may also be troubled by the double chin problem.The appearance of double chin is due to the excessive accumulation of a small amount under the chin, coupled with the relationship of gravity, the skin will become loose and sagging with age.

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DR REBORN now brings you the new technology of double chin lipolysis:

without surgery,The effect is comparable to liposuction

Lose the visual effect of double chin and lose 10kg

Melting away the bread,Restore jawline


"BELKYRA®️ Double Chin Fat Dissolving Treatment":

01 Safe and reliable

The only one in the world that has been approved by the US FDA, Taiwan TFDA and the European Pharmacy EMA, with more than 20 clinical trials and 5 years of long-term safety data support.

02 Fast and long-acting

An average of 2-4 courses of treatment can achieve the desired effect.

03 Tailor-made

After the professional doctor analyzes and marks the injection position, paste the equipped needle number transfer paper, and then calculate the required injection amount according to the number of points.

Double Chin Needle Dr Reborn

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4 big elimination double chin movements to help you create a firm and small V side

look up:

Slowly lift your head up toward the ceiling, allowing the skin on your neck to fully unfold.

Open your mouth and smile:

Open the corners of the mouth vigorously and stretch it to the left and right to the maximum. As long as you can feel the tightness of the throat, it means that the action is performed correctly.

Tongue sticks out forward:

After straightening the tongue completely, stretch it out to the extreme, feel the skin of the entire neck being pulled upwards, and imagine that the wrinkles have disappeared.

Stretch the tongue toward the throat:

Reinsert the tongue into the mouth, feel the base of the tongue pull back toward the throat until it can no longer be pulled.

Eliminate double chin action

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