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What is a wart?

Warts are contagious skin diseases caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) which infects the skin surface. The virus causes abnormal keratin proliferation in the epidermis, forming small fleshy particles on the skin surface, most of which are not itchy and painless.

For children or elderly people with weaker immune systems, the virus can easily spread to other parts of the body and affect the appearance of the individual. We recommend clients to seek professional physicians for a safe operation to remove warts.

Common types of warts
Common warts

Common warts are rough, round or polygonal in shape and yellowish, or brownish in colour. It occurs most often on fingers, toes, back of the hands, knees, and around the nails.

Flat warts

Flat warts are mostly found when the patients’ immunity is weakened. It occurs most often in the parts such as face, back of the hands, and forearms, etc. They appear as normal skin color or light brown with a flat surface and well-demarcated. It is contagious and usually appears numerous (20 to 100). Open wounds or pigmentations may appear after wart removal treatment. It is recommended to conduct the treatment by a medical professional.

Treatment Options:

Our team of medical professionals will listen to your needs and evaluate your skin condition to determine which wart removal option is best for you.

Treatments Available
CO2 Wart Removal Laser Treatment
Plasmage Plasma Wart Removal Treatment
Freezpen® Cryotherapy Treatment
How to make an insurance claim?


  1. 1. Ask your insurance broker to acquire the claim form of the relevant medical insurance that you have purchased
  2. 2. Request the physician undergoing the wart removal treatment to fill in the claim form and get a receipt for the treatment from the clinic
  3. 3. Contact your insurance broker to settle the claim upon the completion of the treatment
Can warts recur after removal treatment?


Wart virus may persist on skin despite treatments are applied, so there is still a chance of recurrence.

Taking precautions at all times is of vital importance. It is recommended to avoid sweat and moisture to be left on the skin surface to prevent the lingering of HPV virus.

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