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#Do you need to reverse muscle age?​


10old secret​

The treatment is suitable for the following people:​

muscle aging Droopy eyelids and contour
Collagen Loss Afraid of pain during treatment
Facial wrinkles, nasolabial folds and neck lines

gold pile

6 advantages

New Gold RF Technology​

  • Adopt the best material that can transmit heat and cold energy at the same time—gold​
  • Energy can be transferred more evenly​

Maximize the effect​

  • The curved surface and the swing mode make the probe close to the skin at all times, and the coverage is higher​

Treat multiple areas​

  • 4 types of probes with 2 types of handles
  • There are dedicated probes for eyelids, around the eyes, face, and body

safe and comfort

  • Certified by KFDA
  • Streamline hidden frame design to prevent burns due to excessive heat energy concentrated on the frame
  • Water-cooled cooling system reduces skin pain

Treatment time shortened​

  • Continuous water-cooled cooling system ​No need to intermittently output cold energy and heat energy, ​Single engine output speed is relatively fast​

no recovery period​

  • non-invasive treatment​
  • Non-traumatic​

gold pile

3 unique designs of the probe to maximize the curative effect​

1. Gold RF Technology

  • Using 6.78MHz radio frequency thermal energy​
  • Gold-plated probes are one of the best ways to transfer heat and cold at the same time​
  • Transmits energy more evenly than conventional probes using film​

2. Streamline hidden frame design​

  • The edges around the probe are hidden inwards​​​​
  • Avoid heat energy concentrated on the frame overheating burns
  • Energy is distributed more stably​

3. Curved Surface + Swing Mode​

  • Convex surface allows heat to be distributed and evenly transmitted to the dermis​​​​
  • Swing flexibly up and down along the skin surface, always close to the skin to ensure the effect​

gold pile

Cooling system x RF thermal energycontinuous output​

Comfort + efficiency UP!​​

1. Improve frozen materials and ​output mode

  • Using "water" as cooling material​
  • It can cool the epidermis more continuously and efficiently than the partitioned "air" in general use​
  • more comfortable​

2. Painless high energy output​

  • The water cooling system maintains the skin layer at a comfortable temperature, while the RF output stabilizes heat energy​
  • Safe and Painless High Energy Therapy

3. Continuous output of RF thermal energy​

  • Compared to other RF (non-continuous/intermittent)​
  • More sustainable delivery of energy
  • Low stimulation combined with high energy, ​immediately presents the curative effect​

Applicable treatment position​ ​

4 exclusive probes​

*Suitable for eyelids and around the eyes

gold pile

Compared with other similar treatments on the market​ ​

energy dispersion​ Distribute evenly over the entire machine head​ Focus on the nose frame​ Focus on the nose frame​
Probe material and form​ gold plated surface,
Swings close to the skin​
Flat film​ Flat film​
Probe type 4 4 3
cooling system continuous water cooling,
no frostbite​
Intermittent air cooling,
chance of frostbite
Intermittent air cooling,
chance of frostbite​
Cooling Mode Temperature​ 5 gear adjustment​ 1 gear​ 1 gear​
Treatment effect​

gold pile


apple muscle lifting

smooth eye lines

Eliminate forehead lines

Face lifting, lightening nasolabial folds and mouth lines

Eliminates double chin


gold pile

Advanced Instrument Analysis
360° panoramic AI skin quality detection

  • 5 spectral depths to detect skin problems​
  • 26 sets of Asian data for comprehensive skin analysis
  • Comparative prediction of skin care effects
  • A more effective personalised beauty program

Consult & Custom-make Treatment

  • Facial skin condition consultation
  • Set your treatment results and goals
  • Formulate the appropriate treatment site and frequency

During Treatment

  • Use the appropriate probe for the course of treatment
  • The treatment lasts about 30 minutes

Provide care advice

  • Analyze the effect through testing equipment and before and after photos
  • Provide care advice

Real user experience

As I got older, my eyes began to look fine and sagging, and I used a lot of skin care products to no avail. I got to know Volnewmer by chance® Not only can it remove eye lines, but it can also improve the eye and face that is relatively rare, so try it! The effect after leaving Li is really good, the eye lines are lightened, the eyelids are lifted and refreshed, I feel that after a few years, I will continue to do it!

I lowered my head and played with my mobile phone all day long and got a double chin. I tried doing face-lifting exercises and using a massager, but it didn't work until I tried Volnewmer®, a double chin is finally saved! I heard from the consultant that the machine head is made of gold, which transmits energy much better than ordinary glue, and the effect will be better. After doing it a few times, my double chin really disappeared, and everyone seemed to have lost weight. Many people asked me if I lost weight. It really kills two birds with one stone!

I used to resist making high-energy equipment because I was afraid of pain and burns, but I learned about Volnewmer®There is a cooling system and the machine head is designed to be very safe, so I will try it for my skin! Make a burst of feeling until the skin is warm, but the skin surface is cool, there is no pain at all, and the process is comfortable. I am so happy to see that the face is firmed and the apple muscles have improved after the treatment. I will rely on Volnewmer in the future®La!

Precautions for treatment

  • Advise all medications being taken and past medical history
  • Inform about 6 months of invasive treatments
  • Medical advice required for breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women
  • Remove metal jewelry before treatment
  • If the body has implanted devices, including: pacemaker/defibrillator/cerebral artery clip/coronary stent/cerebrovascular stent/artificial heart valve/neuroactivator/cochlear implant/hearing aid/implanted insulin pump/ Artificial joints/prosthetics/bone or joint metal, please inform your exclusive beauty consultant and doctor before receiving treatment
  • Avoid makeup for a few hours, apply lotion and moisturizer and sunscreen
  • Within 1 day after completing the course of treatment, please do not drink alcohol, and take spa, sauna, hot water bath or massage bath
  • Avoid sun exposure, strenuous exercise, soaking in hot water and using irritating skin care products within 1 week
  • 2周內避免進行入侵性治療、按摩及美容療程


名額有限 立即預約

Free consultation

預約名額尚餘 1 個​

Terms and Conditions:
1)優惠只適用於DR REBORN年滿18歲或以上之新客戶或首次試做此療程的舊客戶 (請務必以身份證明文件作識別)。
2) Customers must present identification document for registration before enjoying the treatment.
3) The above offers are only applicable to one person and can only be used once, and cannot be used in conjunction with other offers or discounts, and cannot be exchanged for cash, other treatments or products.
4) Customers should clearly agree to the treatment items and contents arranged by the Group before they undergo the treatment.
6) The company has the right to revoke, change, add or change the content of the above codes without prior notice.
7) In case of any dispute, EC Healthcare reserves the right of final decision.


The center will contact you to confirm the details before making an appointment.

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