Needle-free thread embedding
Needle-free thread embedding

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HIFU Needle-Free Thread Lifting Facial Lift

Ultra V Lift Needle-Free Thread Discount

HIFU is High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound. It delivers high-intensity energy to the tissues in the subcutaneous layer and stimulates the SMAS (fascial layer) as deep as 4.5mm. The treatment uses heat to contract the loosened SMAS and simultaneously promote collagen regeneration to tighten skin. Compared with traditional HIFU, the patented technology of Ultra V has a lower energy output. However, the energy emitted is intensive and swirling which allows the energy to penetrate to a larger area more evenly. Ultra V is also equipped with three different probes to satisfy different needs. The treatment is nearly painless. If you want to painlessly solve the problem of a chubby and saggy face, Ultra V HIFU Lifting Treatment will be a good choice for you. Register now for more information.

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Ultra V Needle-Free Face Lifting Treatment Demonstration

The new generation of whirlpool HIFU has the dual certification of KFDA and GMP in Korea. It can directly reach the dermis and fascia layer through high-energy focused ultrasound. It is more accurate than traditional HIFU, and the effect is better. The process is non-invasive and comfortable, and there is no recovery period. The face becomes a delicate and charming small V face

The Mechanism of HIFU

HIFU is High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound. It delivers high-intensity energy to the tissues in the subcutaneous layer and stimulates the SMAS (fascial layer) as deep as 4.5mm. The treatment heats up the intracutaneous tissues to 60-70 °C which causes the loosened SMAS to contract and simultaneously promote collagen regeneration to slim face, smooth wrinkles and tighten skin. Without damaging the tissues under skin, it is a non-invasive face-slimming treatment. The HIFU treatment has an immediate effect. The best natural firming effect can be achieved after 2-3 months as the collagen has been regenerated and reorganized. The energy emitted is intensive and swirling which allows the energy to penetrate a larger area more evenly, while being almost painless and relatively comfortable.

HIFU principle
Ultra V Lift machine

SMAS is the fascial layer which connects the skin and the muscles.
The SMAS becomes inelastic and loose over time hence leads to sagging skin.

Skin Composition Explanation

Ultra V is the leading medical beauty group in Korea. It is the first to develop PDO thread lifting technology.

Ultra V was among the first specialists to create the PDO Lifting Thread technology

Ultra V is the top authority in the anti-aging beauty industry in Korea, and is the first expert to create PDO lifting thread technology.

Ultra V was among the first specialists to create the PDO Lifting Thread technology
The New Generation Vortex HIFU
The New Generation Vortex HIFU

The Real Ultra V

The Real Ultra V

HIFU Lifting Treatment

Nearly painless HIFU for those who are afraid of pain and hesitate to have HIFU.

Hifu needle-free thread embedding
The high-intensity focused ultrasound is specific for the superficial dermis layer and SMAS

Generates heat of 60-70°C at the treatment area

The heat will be focused at one point

To stimulate collagen regeneration to tighten the skin

HIFU Lifting Treatment

Needle-free face lift

HIFU Lifting Treatment

Needle-free thread tightening effect

HIFU Lifting Treatment

Needle-free thread embedding to improve fine lines

Improves fine lines

Hifu needle-free thread embedding to achieve V-face small face

Slim Face

Needle-free thread embedding improves skin pigmentation

Improve skin pigmentation

Needle-free thread embedding will not damage the skin surface

No damage to skin, not affecting daily life

Needle-free face lift

Improve skin pigmentation

Needle-free face lift

No damage to skin, not affecting daily life

Traditional HIFU VS The New Generation Vortex HIFU

HIFU Lifting Treatment
Effectiveness higher energy, significant effects, uses varies probes to penetrate energy into different skin layers to solve facial conditions. lower energy is emitted in an intensive and swirling pattern that allows energy penetrates to a larger area more evenly. This enhances operational flexibility by customising treatments to satisfy different needs and face shapes.
Comfortability intense feeling more comfortable
Safeness requires professional surgeon or medical team to operate as the energy is high easier to operate
UltraV HIFU Technology Comparison

Applicable Areas

The face will be cleansed before treatment. A special cooling gel will be applied. Skin will be lifted by a gentle message in circular movement. Ultra V is good at shaping the jawlines and slimming faces. The whole face can be treated by Ultra V with intensive treatments at specific areas. The high-intensity ultrasound heats up the SMAS to induce contraction and stimulate collagen regeneration. After treatment, the jawline is more defined, and the face is slimmed as well as chiselled. The treatment can eliminate double chin, tighten skin, smooth marionette lines, and plump your cheeks. In addition, wrinkles, neck lines and other problems caused by excessive neck fat can also be effectively solved by Ultra V.

Needle-free suture placement

Points to note about Ultra V

Before Treatment: The heat generated from the HIFU will accelerate the evaporation of moisture from face. To avoid the face from being too dry after treatment, it is recommended to moisturize the face such as using facial masks, to ensure the skin is fully hydrated before treatment. It is also recommended to avoid prolonged outdoor activities to reduce the conditions of skin redness and allergy,

After Treatment: It is normal if the skin becomes relatively drier with mild redness. It is recommended to enhance hydration. It is also recommended to avoid skincare products with retinoic acid, salicylic acid, exfoliating agents, alcohol, etc. Using cold water or room temperature water for face cleaning. Prolonged outdoor and excessive activities should also be avoided to keep the skin from being irritated.

Comments from our customers

hifu needle-free thread embedding users recommend

I grew up with a chubby face with a lot of fat on it and my face looks very puffy because of that… Some say that I’m very adorable with the baby fat but I actually dissatisfied to hear that! The perfect face for me is the one with chiselled features and jawline on face. With that face, I can take nice selfies in profile! I know that thread lifting is the quickest way to have a chiselled jawline but I’m very concerned with invasive treatments. I’ve also done a HIFU treatment but I couldn’t stand the pain and the effects are not that significant so I didn’t go back for another one. Recently I’ve found a new HIFU machine called Ultra V. They said that it’s from Korea and is suitable for ladies who want painless treatment. Ultra V has a lower energy output which is emitted in an intense and swirling way into the skin. I could feel the energy coming into my skin in circles and it didn’t have the pins and needles sensation like the traditional HIFU treatment, it became much more acceptable. I could see my jawline and my cheeks were tightened right after the treatment. My double chin was also less obvious and that is so cool!

hifu needle-free thread embedding treatment recommended by users

After giving birth, my body has become saggy and is not able to return to its previous state before pregnancy. I have been eating a lot because taking care of a baby is really demanding. That is why my face has changed from a V shape to a U shape. People always say that it is the hardest to slim your face and now I understand why they’d say so! I have upgraded my face cream, done a lot of face lifting treatment but it seems to be a waste of time and money since none of them work! I saw my friend had an Ultra V HIFU treatment at DR REBORN and she received the promosing results. So, I went there for the same treatment! I was told that Ultra V penetrates into the fascial layer directly and tightens the skin-supporting muscles, as well as stimulates the collagen deep under the skin to plump my face. “I’ve found it!” This was how I felt when the treatment finished. My face felt tight after the treatment but the effects are more significant after one month. The collagen has been regenerated and filled the skin layer. It’s obvious my cheeks are tightened and my smile lines are smoothed. I look so much younger now!

Needle-free suture embedding treatment recommended by users

Looking at the celebs’ new and old photos, it’s easy to tell that they are a lot different from how they used to be. Their square face has become a triangle face with chiselled jawline, and I thought it’s the effects of plastic surgery. But my friend told me that the latest medical aesthetic technology is able to do that as well, as long as having the treatment regularly! I think girls who want to have a chiselled jawline and a painless treatment can give Ultra V HIFU a try! Its energy is slightly smaller than traditional HIFU but it comes in a more even energy coverage. The heat on my face feels less intense and it is more comfortable and acceptable than the traditional ones. I’ve had Ulta V at DR REBORN for more than two years and my facial features are now very significant. I have chiselled jawlines and plump cheeks, and I am very satisfied with Ultra V. Now I know why those celebs have chiselled facial features. You can make your own good-looking face by hard-working skincare habits. The harder the better! I highly recommend you to come and try Ultra V now!!!

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