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1)優惠只適用於DR REBORN年滿18歲或以上之新客戶或首次試做此療程的舊客戶 (請務必以身份證明文件作識別)。
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latest fourth generation



Hifu Perfect Definition

Finely Sculpted Facial Contouring

Solve fine lines and wrinkles

lift droopy eyelids

Enhance skin elasticity

Tighten sagging skin

dull and uneven

latest fourth generation



6 breakthroughs

Unique MPT technology maximizes heat-intensive effect

Line 1 distributes 417 points, making heat energy more densely covered.

shorter treatment time

With two-way program, the treatment time is 2.5 times faster than the 3rd generation Ultraformer.

360-degree zero dead angle suspension lift

Both linear and coil patterns provide comprehensive coverage and enhance the effect of the treatment.

The world's first HIFU introduction technology

The unique Ultra Booster loop line HIFU introduction technology allows the essence to reach the bottom of the skin directly.

Longer lasting effect than traditional HIFU

A variety of different treatment heads, comprehensive coverage, comprehensive and long-lasting effect.

Painless and non-invasive

Optimized technology, the continuous accumulation of thermal energy can reduce pain.

Ultraformer MPT Micropulse Technology

  • Only linear dot matrix mode
  • There are gaps between thermal coagulation points (TCP), reducing the therapeutic effect
  • There are MP mode and normal mode
  • Thermal Freezing Point (TCP) is denser and works best by accumulating thermal energy

Thermally intensive for optimum results

Both straight and coil lines

360-degree zero dead angle suspension lift

  • Only straight probes
  • The energy cannot evenly and comprehensively cover the three-dimensional facial contours, and the effect is limited
  • Straight Probe + Ultra-BOOSTER Coil Probe
  • Make up for the gap of the linear probe, the energy averages and fully covers the treatment area

Longer lasting effect than traditional HIFU

A variety of treatment probes cover different treatment depths and areas to achieve the ultimate lifting effect

shorter treatment time

Non-invasive procedure comfortable and pain-free

MPT is optimized HIFU technology,
Continuously generate 417 points of TCP within 1 line, and the continuous accumulation of heat energy can relieve pain during the course of treatment.

latest fourth generation



Breakthrough HIFU introduction

Penetrates essence directly to therapeutic depth

Recommended by skin doctor

DSB pearl cement

Dedicated essence of the 4th generation Ultraformer MPT
Accelerated Penetration Instant Smooth Brightening

The world's first patented MET capsule membrane technology

All the nutrients are stored in the special film to ensure that the nutrients penetrate into the dermis layer of the skin before they are released, and the blasting skin can completely absorb the essence.

latest fourth generation



Comparison of three generations of instruments

selling point Linear Fractional Pattern Therapy 360-degree zero dead angle complete coverage treatment
points per line
  • A variety of probes with different therapeutic degrees
  • Linear Treatment Head
  • dot pattern
  • A variety of probes with different therapeutic degrees
  • Straight + circle treatment head
  • MP mode + dot matrix mode
16 points/1 line 17 points/1 line MP mode: 417 points/1 line
HIFU import function No No Yes
healing speed generally generally 2.5 times faster
Comfortability slight tingling slight tingling Painless
Applicable Areas face, eye area
neck, jaw
face, eye area
neck, jaw
face, eye area
neck, jaw


Effectively improve aging skin texture in different parts


Nearly 100% users are satisfied with the results

After turning 35, I found that my cheeks began to sag, and the tiger stripes were very obvious, as if I had aged ten years. DR REBORN tried the Ultraformer MPT treatment before, it was so sharp, it helped me stimulate collagen regeneration, and the firming effect was more obvious than the old version of lifting. I did it 3 times, it worked well, and I kept growing until I was an adult!

Seeing his friend's skin getting firmer and more elastic, he immediately said that DR REBORN's Ultraformer MPT treatment is very effective, and it doesn't hurt! I tried it once on the same day, and I already felt that the skin seemed to be pulled up by someone, and the jawline and apple muscles were obviously lifted up! It is worth recommending this course of treatment! !

Everyone wears a mask every day on the street, thinking that I don’t need to wash and do facials, but I don’t know if I don’t take care of it, it’s really getting old! Until I tried this upgraded version of the HIFU machine, the energy penetrated into the bottom of the skin one by one, and combined with the special essence, I felt warm and comfortable. After the treatment, the pores are narrowed and elastic, and I will keep doing Ultraformer MPT in the future!

latest fourth generation

Ultraformer MPT


How long is the recovery period for HIFU high-energy focused ultrasound?

Since HIFU high-energy focused ultrasound is a non-invasive treatment, generally after HIFU lifting, there will only be temporary slight redness, slight swelling, and slight soreness in some parts, and makeup can be applied immediately.

Will HIFU High Energy Focused Ultrasound have immediate effect? Is HIFU useful?

Results may start to appear on the same day as the session, you may experience tension and tightness for the next two weeks, which means collagen is being regenerated, and you will see a lifting effect after 1-3 months.

Can HIFU high-energy focused ultrasound be used with lasers?

The laser acts on the epidermis and upper dermis of the skin, and the HIFU high-energy focused ultrasound acts on the lower dermis and fascia of the skin, so it can be used at the same time.

After injecting hyaluronic acid, can I still receive a course of treatment in the short term?

It is recommended to receive the UltraformerMPT course of treatment 1 month after the injection.

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