BTL EMSELLA™️ Treatment

BTL EMSELLA™️ uses the patented technology HIFEM™️ (High-Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic) to painlessly contract the pelvic muscles to improve urinary leakage caused by weak pelvic muscles.

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Will the electro-magnetic field affect the internal organs such as the large intestine and the stomach?

The electro-magnetic field of EMSELLA™️ can reach as deep as 10 cm to stimulate the pelvic muscles. It will not affect the internal organs as the HIFEM™️ technology has the effects on skeletal muscles only. Smooth muscles such as the internal organs will not be activated.

Can BTL EMSELLA™️ improve sex life?

EMSELLA™️ stimulates pelvic muscles to tighten the vulva and increase control over the vaginal muscles.

Who is suitable for BTL EMSELLA™️?

Suitable for

  • Ladies who are ready to be pregnant
  • Mothers who have given birth
  • Middle-aged women
  • Women who have menopause symptoms
  • Gentlemen who wish to enhance vitality

Product Description

Product Efficacy

Applicable Area and Precautions

Core technology: High Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic™️

The intensity of the device is similar to that of a MRI machine (MRI field strength of approximately 1.5 - 3 Tesla). The total magnetic field intensity of BTL EMSELLA™ is 1.5 Tesla.

Supramaximal Contraction

HIFEM™️ brings a supramaximal contraction in the pelvic muscles

The first patented technology in the world that reaches the deep pelvic muscles as deep as 10 cm

Through the patented HIFEM™️ Technology

The energy penetrates intensively and efficiently to the pelvic floor to enhance muscle strength and regain muscle nerve control.

Treatment lasts for 28 mins = Contractions of about 12,000 times. No regular kegel exercise is comparable.


Why BTL EMSELLA™️ treatment?

No undressing required during the treatment


Easy and Convenient

Approved by International Agencies

No recovery period

Required only 28 Minutes

6 Major Effects

Strengthen the pelvic floor muscles

Improve urinary leakage problems and incontinence

Tighten bladder / rectum / vagina

Regenerate collagen and tighten vagina

Enhance vitality of men

Tighten vaginal area and improve sex life

Recommended for:

Ladies who are ready to be pregnant

Mothers who have given birth

Middle-aged women

Women who are over 35 and have no planning to be pregnant or have menopause symptoms

Gentlemen who wish to enhance vitality

Gentlemen who wish to enhance vitality


Conditions that are not suitable for BTL EMSELLA™️ treatment

Having fever

Having cancer

Having any metal/electronic implant

Having metal intrauterine device

Currently pregnant or breastfeeding

Having hemorrhagic disease

Having heart disease

Currently receiving anticoagulant therapy

Implanted cardiac pacemaker or implantable cardioverter defibrillator


Points to note:

Each treatment should be given at least 2 days apart to achieve optimal results.

Each treatment takes approximately 28 minutes.

Wear loose fitting and comfortable clothes and remove all accessories or any metal/electrical items for the treatment.

It is normal to experience a slight numbness and contraction of the pelvic floor muscles during treatment.

Risks associated with the treatment, including but not limited to: irritation, pink or brown secretions, touch pain, transient muscle soreness.

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