Cryolipolysis (CP) Treatment

CRYOLIPO Fat Freezing Treatment uses a revolutionary cryolipolysis technology that cools the triglycerides in the body to as low as -9°C using non-invasive and safe techniques. The fat cells will be excreted naturally by the body through metabolism. The treatment enables you to reduce the thickness of the fat easily.

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What is cryolipolysis?

Cryolipolysis is a fat reduction treatment that uses cold temperature to reduce fat deposits. The device discharges freezing energy to the fat layer, making fat cells die, dissolute, and metabolise within 70-90 days to achieve the goal of body sculpting and contouring.

Is the treatment safe and effective?

CRYOLIPO is a non-invasive lipolysis treatment. It is approved by KFDA (the Korea Food and Drug Administration) which sustantiates its safeness and reliability.

Product Description

Product Efficacy

Applicable Area and Precautions

Equipped with two probes for different needs:

Regular machine head is applicable to the whole body. Widened machine head is specifically applicable to the belly.


Cryolipolysis freezes and eliminates the fat cells with the temperature as low as -9℃. It is a non-invasive lipolysis treatment that can be done easily and comfortably. Approved by KFDA (the Korea Food and Drug Administration) for its safeness and effectiveness.

Non-pharmacological No incision
Non-invasive Non-anesthesia

Applicable Areas:

Arms / Back / Waist / Love handles / Thighs / Calves

Arms Back Waist
Love handles Thighs Calves

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