Infusion™ Facial Tightening Treatment

The Electro-Mesotherapy device from VIORA, one of the world's leading aesthetic solutions brands, treats patients with Infusion IonWave™ Technology in which serums are infused into the skin through electric pulse. The pulses are delivered in microseconds to milliseconds, causing numerous tiny openings in the cell membranes through which the serums enter the skin cells.

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What is IonWave™ Electro-Mesotherapy?

Once the energy of IonWave™ Electro-Mesotherapy has reached the cell at the bottom of the skin, it will restructure the Lipid bilayer cell and form microscopic channels in the membranes. These channels will deliver nutrients and serum to the cell for skin repair, rehydration, and elastic as well as softness improvement.

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Is Infusion™ safe and effective?

It is manufactured by VIORA, the world’s top medical aesthetic equipment brand. It is safe and effective!

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Product Efficacy

Applicable Area and Precautions


Manufactured by VIORA, the world’s top medical aesthetic equipment brand uses the unique medical aesthetic technology of IonWave™ Electro-Mesotherapy Safer, more effective in delivering the serum to the skin


Infusion™ Facial Tightening Treatment can be used in conjunction with PRODERMA LAB serum

Hyaluronic acid in macromolecule - improve radiance

Hyaluronic acid in molecule - rehydrate skin and smooth wrinkles

Hyaluronic acid in micromolecule - penetrate into the dermis layer and restore elasticity

Stabilised vitamin C: restore healthy skin tone and help anti-oxidizing the skin consistently .

Plantal proteoglycan: anti-photo-aging, stimulate the regeneration of skin cells and tighten contours

Organic silicone: freshen up the skin and even skin tone

α-bisabolol: anti-inflammation, regenerate cells and restore the health of cell



Applicable Area:





No wound


No recovery period

Infusion™ Facial Tightening Treatment

can collaborate with PRODERMA LAB Skin Expert serum series

PRODERMA LAB Skin Expert serum series Major ingredients & effects
Caviar Repair Serum ✓Major ingredients: caviar essence ✓ stimulates blood circulation and metabolism, helps to repair the damaged tissues and accelerates cells regeneration ✓ Comprehensive skin revitalization, smooths skin and increases the tightness and elasticity of skin
Deep Purifying Serum ✓ include essences of chamomile, aloe, and grape seed ✓ anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, deep cleaning, rehydrating, anti-oxidizing, calm and smooth skin ✓ control oil secretion, softens and exfoliates dead skin, reduce acnes and pimples
Oxygen Activation Serum ✓ activate the cells under the skin, stimulate the cell regeneration, and increase water retention ability✓ Vitamin E is used as an anti-oxidant and to protect the skin, remain elasticity and tightness of the skin
Hydro Boost Serum Hydro Boost Serum ✓extracts from natural Cogon grass and Vitamin B5 can activate the cell’s permeability ✓ Rehydrate the skin and increase the water retention ability, stabilise the dermis layer’s structure ✓ hydrate the skin and restore its elasticity and softness
White Capture Serum ✓ Arbutin can effectively deactivate tyrosinase ✓reduce the formation of melanin and break down pigments, whitens the skin

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