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RC Hair Regrowth Magic Potion

High-intensity factors introducing probe

Safe &
Safer and more
The high-intensity factors introducing probe will inject the hair growth potion under the scalp effectively.
Nearly painless
As intense as 425 times of microneedling
Exclusive technique allows stable injections
as deep as 1-10mm, direct effect to the scalp

deep scalp hydrating

eliminate dandruffs

regain a soft and luminous hair

reduce hair loss

strengthen and restructure hair follicles

頭髮激生 !

Real case


20days significant hair regrowth

Over 10 Million Service Visits

誠信經營 信心之選

Sincere Management

專業保證 安全有效

Professional Guarantee
Safe and Effective

正廠正貨 價格優勢

Genuine Products
Price advantage

領航業界 銷量冠軍

Sales Champion

超過7年 冷靜期系統

For Over 6 years

**According to the Group's data from January 2013 to July 2021, DR DEBORN has 9,804,017 service visits,
with a customer retention rate of 97% as of 30 September, 2021

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