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Pigments on shallow layer(freckles, sunspots)

Pigments on deep layer(Melasma, vascular melasma)

Acne spots


Large pores


Skin dullness


(Data provided by vendor)

Shortest pulse picosecond

. 250-450ps

. Remove small particle pigment

. Less heat damage and shorter recovery period

Maximum energy output

. 1000x Holographic Focusing Technology

. Optical shock wave effect efficiently shatters stains

Three wavelength laser

. 532nm, 730nm, 1064nm

. suitable for different skin tones

. Patented honeycomb mirror stimulates collagen regeneration

The fastest super picosecond in the world

. 250ps achieves 3 times the speed of the first generation

. The absorption capacity of melanin is increased by 14%, which can more accurately disintegrate the spots

Safer and more comfortable

. Best wavelengths for Asian skin tones

. Reduce the chance of anti-black and inflammation

. no recovery period

More comprehensive and powerful

. At the same time for deep and shallow pigment

. 10 times more powerful to remove blue/green tattoo pigment

PicoWay® 532nm Zoom

Dilute epidermis pigment

PicoWay® 1064nm Zoom

Dermis Collagen Regeneration

(Data provided by vendor)

5 times skin rejuvenation effect

. Innovative axicon lens: 5 times denser coverage with lower energy intensity

. fewer treatments

comprehensive treatment

. smooth out bumps

. Whitening and brightening

. Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

PicoWay® Resolve 532 nm

Smooth and brighten epidermis skin

PicoWay® Resolve 1064 nm

Promote collagen regeneration in the dermis

(Data provided by vendor)

PicoWay® Second Generation Ultra-picosecond Laser vs. traditional laser
The second generation super picosecond laser
nanosecond laser
traditional laser
(Short/Long Pulse)
The principle of spot removal Photomechanical Effect
optical shock wave effect
Selective Photothermolysis
selective photothermolysis
Photothermal Effect
Photothermal effect
Mechanism With three wavelengths of picosecond pulsed lasers, the deep and shallow layers of melanin are shattered into extremely fine particles at a very high speed, which are easily excreted through the body's metabolism Output laser with high energy and short pulse guard time, accumulate energy after being absorbed by melanin, and then instantly destroy the treatment target The target absorbs heat energy to achieve destruction
Heat Weak (not significant) Moderate Strong (significant)
Energy Emission High Moderate Low
Comfortability High Moderate Low
  • It can break up deep and shallow pigmentation spots and tattoo pigments
  • More effective in whitening and removing spots
  • Treats deep blemishes
  • limited energy
  • shallow penetration
  • Difficult to treat deep spots
repair skin
  • Equipped with a honeycomb mirror, it can effectively deal with uneven holes, large pores and wrinkles
  • Treats acne scars
  • Treats acne scars
  • Greatly reduced heat
  • No anti-black, anti-white situation
  • Skin damage caused by heat is relatively small
  • The heat generated by the laser may cause scabs
  • Skin burns due to heat accumulation
  • Easy to reverse black and white
Frequency 3-6 times 7-12 times ranging 12-24 times ranging

(Data provided by vendor)

Various picosecond Pico laser instruments on the market
The second generation super picosecond laser
Cynosure / Picosure Cutera-Enlighten Picocare
Origin USA USA USA Korea
FDA Pigmentation, tattoos, acne bumps, wrinkles Pigmentation, tattoos, acne bumps, wrinkles Pigmentation, tattoo Tattoos
Pulse Time
  • 450ps@1064nm
  • 370ps @532nm
  • 250ps@730nm
  • 550-750ps
  • 450ps@1064nm
  • 370ps @532nm
  • 450ps
Laser Wavelength
  • 1064nm
  • 532nm
  • 730nm
  • 755nm
  • 1064nm
  • 532nm
  • 1064nm
  • 660nm
  • 585nm
  • 595nm
Principle Optical Shockwave Optical Shockwave Light shock wave + light heat Optical Shockwave
focus on technology Holographic focusing
100% energy
Honeycomb focuses on 70% energy No No
Tissue Sectioning Scientific Literature double focus
scientific literature evidence
double focus
scientific literature evidence
No No
repair period
  • No wounds on the skin surface
  • short repair period
  • painless
  • No wounds on the skin surface
  • short repair period
  • Pain during treatment
  • Bleeding easily on the skin surface
  • long repair period
  • Pain during treatment
  • will scab for about 7 days
  • long repair period
  • obvious pain

(Data provided by vendor)

How will I feel during the treatment?

There is no need to use anesthesia or take drugs. During the treatment, the skin will only feel a slight feeling like a rubber band, slight burning, tightness, and numbness. The position near the bone or thin skin may feel more intense, but it will not cause serious discomfort.

How many courses of treatment are needed to get rid of freckles?

Depending on the skin condition, several treatments may be required to achieve the best results. Under normal circumstances, immediate spot lightening can be seen after the first treatment, and scientific research shows that PicoWay® second-generation super picosecond whitening and anti-freckle treatment can lighten 94% spots.

Will there be anti-darkness/coking after the course of treatment? Are there any precautions?

The laser pulse of the treatment course only stays briefly on the skin for 450/375/250 picoseconds, producing the highest mechanical shock wave intensity, greatly reducing the chance of photothermal damage, reducing the risk of anti-blackness and coking. After the course of treatment, try to use SPF30/PA++ or above physical sunscreen and powerful moisturizing products, and avoid using products containing fruit acids, retinoids, salicylic acid, exfoliating, high-concentration vitamin C, alcohol, etc. skin care products.

How long will the recovery period take after the treatment? Can I wear makeup?

After treatment, the skin may be reddish and slightly swollen, or you may feel slight burning, numbness, soreness and weakness. These symptoms and feelings are generally not obvious, and will completely dissipate within 3-5 hours. Since the treatment is non-invasive, there is no need to wait for the skin to recover after the treatment, and you can immediately apply makeup and leave.

(Data provided by vendor)




Large pores




I used to be afraid of the side effect of post-inflammatory pigmentation and the pain from receiving laser treatment. But PicoWay is not painful, it feels like a gentle hit by an elastic band, and there is no post-inflammatory pigmentation. I am very satisfied with PicoWay.


I've always been bothered by the pigment on my face. I can’t hide them even when I have my makeup on. It only takes a few treatments to solve this problem and I can wear my makeup and hang out with friends right after the treatment. It is very convenient!


The whitening effect of PicoWay is so good. It has whitened my freckles, shrunk my pores and smoothed my skin! Now I am confident to go out without my makeup!


I have tried several traditional laser treatments before but the pigments persisted. It was so frustrating. Luckily, I gave PicoWay a try and it only took 3 treatments to clear away my pigments thoroughly. It is so effective!

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