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Motiva 豐胸療程

Motiva’s Natural Breast Treatment uses the FDA-approved medical silicone materials from the US supplier. With the golden ratio of softness and elasticity that naturally changes with gravity, the special Ergonomix™ ergonomic design presents the natural curves and soft touch of natural breasts. The incision of the surgery is small. Swelling can be mitigated quickly hence enhance speedy recovery. Motiva provides a 10-year warranty and is collaborating with DR REBORN, one of the five best selling medical aesthetic centres in Hong Kong in 2020. The procedure is managed by teams of medical professionals which provides professional and attentive breast augmentation at a reasonable price.

Terms and Conditions:
The above items are applicable to new customers who are aged 18 or above and visit our designated branches.
Customers must present valid identification document for registration before enjoying the treatment.
Customers should clearly agree to the treatment items and contents arranged by the Group before proceeding with the treatments.
The Company reserves the right to revoke, change, add to or alter the contents of the above terms and conditions without prior notice.
In case of any dispute, the decision of EC Healthcare shall be final.
*Authentic product


Motiva 原料是由美國FDA認可的醫療等級矽膠製造廠提供,觸感柔軟,效果自然,不易產生水波紋,術後3天即可恢復日常生活。

AboutNatural Breast Treatment

Progressive Gel Ultima™ 4D flowing gel

Motiva's new generation silicone gel Progressive Gel Ultima™ 4D is a flowing gel manufactured from the FDA-approved medical-grade silicone products supplier in the US. With a golden ratio of softness and elasticity that naturally changes with gravity, the special Ergonomix™ ergonomic design provides natural curves and soft touch of natural breasts.. The 100% seamless filling technology makes the skin unlikely to be puckered after treatment and have a natural appearance of breast in all angles. Motiva allows you to have a natural and soft, bouncy and beautiful breast shape.

Motiva 豐胸

The implant can naturally change with the gravitational force, giving you a disc shape when lying down and a teardrop shaped breast when standing up, creating a perfect breast shape compared to other brands.

Enlarged the cross-section of Motiva Implants® by 150 times:

Motiva 美胸療程

5 Major Advantages

美胸療程 術後疤痕小

Smaller Post-Operative Scars

The ProgressiveGel Ultima™ 4D has a moderate tenderness and viscosity. It ensures a good malleability and the absence of gel fracture.

豐胸療程 復原效果佳

Fast Recovery

With TrueMonobloc® technology, the silicone surface and the implant have the same level of high elasticity, which reduces the chance of rupture due to poor junction hence reduces swelling quickly after surgery.

美胸療程 人體工學

Ergonomically Designed

The golden ratio of Ergonomix™ makes the implants look natural whenever you are standing or laying down.

豐胸療程 細緻的柔絲表面

Delicate Texture

The SilkSurface uses the well designed 3D inversion™ technology. It reduces the chances of having capsular contracture and late seroma. With the technology of Superelastic shell, the implants fit 100% seamlessly into your breast and make the implants unable to be puckered and rippled, or unable to touch the sides of the implant.

美胸療程 安心保養計劃


5 Years Warranty

If the implants break or have class 3 to class 4 capsular contracture within 5 years after implanting Motiva, the vendor will replace a new implant and reimburse the cost of the surgery.

10 Years Warranty

If the implants break or have class 3 to class 4 capsular contracture within 10 years after implanting Motiva, the vendor will replace a new implant.


Am I suitable for having a Motiva treatment?

Motiva is suitable for most people as we put your safety and the natural breast appearance in the first priority. It is suitable for patients who have a thin subcutaneous fat and are unable to have massages, as well as people who are concerned with the safety and the after-surgery appearance.

Why is the price of Motiva higher?

Motiva has received a good reputation for being a quality implant. Other than being safe (capsular contracture rate <1%) and having a natural appearance, Motiva also provides you with as long a 10-year warranty that no other augmentation brand can offer.

Will the wounds be big after surgery?

Due to the high malleability of Motiva's TrueMonobloc®, the implant can be inserted into the body with a small incision of 2.5 to 3 cm.

Will the wounds be big after surgery?

According to a clinical research published in 2017, the complication rate of Motiva was lower than 1% after 3 years of implantation. It has the lowest complication rate in the industry and no complications such as class 3 and class 4 capsular contracture, puckers, fractures, and late seroma.

Comparison between Motiva and other implants

Smooth surface implants Teardrop implants Natural Breast Treatment
Appearance 平滑型圓盤型 textured surface and teardrop shape SilkSurface®
Texture soft bouncy soft and bouncy, feels like teardrop implants when standing and round implants when lying
Capsular Contracture Rate 4-8% required massages to lower the rate very low 3-5% extremely low <1%
Post-surgery massage normal massages normal massages massages for better preservation


  • Change the wound dressing, take anti-inflammatories and painkillers according to doctor's instructions after surgery.
  • Rinse and gently blot the wound when showering. Keep the wound dry and clean. Avoid taking a bath before the wound is healed completely.
  • Apply cold compression continuously to reduce the bleeding in the first 3 days; then apply warm compression continuously to stimulate metabolism and blood circulation.
  • Avoid hitting and pricking the breast area. Acupuncture therapy is forbidden.
  • Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages, smoking, irritating food such as spicy food, tea, coffee etc.
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects in the first two weeks and stretching the arms over 90 degrees.
  • Wear full coverage bralette for the first 6 months to avoid the implants from deformation and displacement.

Comments from our customers


A friend of mine has tried a lot of methods to augment her boobs such as eating different types of pills for the breasts, massaging with creams etc. but none of them work. At last she decided to get a Motiva Natural Breast Treatment at DR REBORN and the effect is very nice. Her breast is so natural and soft even when she is laying down, and there is no side-effect of hardened implants. She recovered very fast and good, and the scar can barely be seen. My friend told me that the doctor is very professional and attentive throughout the treatment and she is not worried at all as Motiva provides a 10 year warranty. She felt so good that she even asked me to recommend Motiva to everyone!

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誠信經營 信心之選

Sincere Management

專業保證 安全有效

Professional Guarantee
Safe and Effective

正廠正貨 價格優勢

Genuine Products
Price advantage

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Sales Champion

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Establishing Cooling-off Period System
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**According to the Group's data from January 2013 to July 2021, DR DEBORN has 9,804,017 service visits,
with a customer retention rate of 97% as of 30 September, 2021

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