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Motiva Breast Enhancement Treatment

Motiva Natural Breast Implant Treatment breaks the traditional breast augmentation process by using medical-grade silicone from a US FDA-approved manufacturer. The new generation Motiva Implant silicone Progressive Gel Ultima™ 4D flow gel mimics real breast tissue, allowing for a natural breast shape in any position and a soft, natural feel. The treatment also results in minimal scarring, rapid swelling reduction, and excellent recovery effects. The Motiva manufacturer offers a ten-year warranty, and the DR REBORN professional medical team, named one of the top five best sales medical beauty centers in Hong Kong in 2020, provides the service at a reasonable price. The entire process is overseen by a registered doctor, and Motiva Natural Breast Treatment has been used in over 75 countries, with sales reaching 2 million, making it a trusted choice. This breast augmentation treatment is recommended for those with underdeveloped breasts, uneven breast shape, postpartum breast atrophy, and those who have previously undergone breast augmentation but did not achieve their desired results. Contact us for more information or to schedule a free professional breast consultation.

Terms and Conditions:
The above items are applicable to new customers who are aged 18 or above and visit our designated branches.
Customers must present valid identification document for registration before enjoying the treatment.
Customers should clearly agree to the treatment items and contents arranged by the Group before proceeding with the treatments.
The Company reserves the right to revoke, change, add to or alter the contents of the above terms and conditions without prior notice.
In case of any dispute, the decision of EC Healthcare shall be final.
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Motiva Natural Breast Treatment is suitable for all women who pursue a perfect breast shape.

Motiva Natural Breast Treatment uses medical-grade silicone provided by a US FDA-approved manufacturer, resulting in a soft and natural feel, without the risk of rippling. The treatment results in minimal scarring, and patients can return to their daily routine after just three days post-surgery.

About Motiva

Progressive Gel Ultima™ 4D flowing gel

Motiva's new generation silicone gel Progressive Gel Ultima™ 4D is a flowing gel manufactured from the FDA-approved medical-grade silicone products supplier in the US. With a golden ratio of softness and elasticity that naturally changes with gravity, the special Ergonomix™ ergonomic design provides natural curves and soft touch of natural breasts.. The 100% seamless filling technology makes the skin unlikely to be puckered after treatment and have a natural appearance of breast in all angles. Motiva allows you to have a natural and soft, bouncy and beautiful breast shape.

Motiva Breast Enhancement

Motiva Implant implants can naturally change shape with gravitational force, creating a round shape when lying down and a teardrop shape when standing, resulting in a perfect breast shape and a more natural-looking augmentation than other breast implant brands. Motiva Implants also contain an RFID chip, a small and secure microchip measuring only 2.1mm X 9mm. When a dedicated scanner is brought close to the implant, it can detect information such as the serial number, model, size, year of manufacture, and breast augmentation surgery date, making postoperative care smoother and more complete.

Enlarged the cross-section of Motiva Implants® by 150 times:

Motiva Breast Enhancement Treatment

How to choose the size of Motiva Implant?

Motiva Implant offers four models: Mini, Demi, Full, and Corse. Sizes range from the smallest 105cc to the largest 1050cc, ensuring a natural, perfect breast shape that is tailored to your needs.

Mini - Suitable for improving breast shape

With a lower height and flatter shape, this model is ideal for women who want to improve their breast shape without looking too exaggerated.

Demi - Suitable for most Asians

This medium-high implant is suitable for Asians who desire a fullness that is not too excessive, making it a popular choice in Asia.

Full - Suitable for women who prefer fullness

This model is ideal for women who desire a fuller breast appearance, providing a simple solution to achieving the desired fullness.

Corse - For women who desire fullness and more volume

This is the largest model, suitable for women who desire a fuller and more voluminous breast appearance, but requires a longer recovery period.

Where is the implant located in Motiva breast augmentation surgery?

The implant location in Motiva breast augmentation surgery can be under the arm, at the lower edge of the breast, or around the nipple. The doctor will discuss with the patient and take into account factors such as lifestyle and preferences to determine the most suitable location. For example, if the patient frequently participates in sports or needs to lift their arms often, the implant may be placed under the arm to reduce discomfort and avoid hindering movement. If the patient desires a more natural-looking breast, the implant may be placed at the lower edge of the breast or around the nipple to achieve a more natural appearance.

The five advantages of Motiva Implant breast augmentation treatment are:

Smaller scars after breast augmentation treatment

Smaller Post-Operative Scars

The ProgressiveGel Ultima™ 4D has a moderate tenderness and viscosity. It ensures a good malleability and the absence of gel fracture.

The recovery effect of breast enhancement treatment is good

Fast Recovery

With TrueMonobloc® technology, the silicone surface and the implant have the same level of high elasticity, which reduces the chance of rupture due to poor junction hence reduces swelling quickly after surgery.

Ergonomics of Breast Enhancement Treatment

Ergonomically Designed

The golden ratio of Ergonomix™ makes the implants look natural whenever you are standing or laying down.

Breast enhancement treatment Delicate silky surface

Delicate Texture

The SilkSurface uses the well designed 3D inversion™ technology. It reduces the chances of having capsular contracture and late seroma. With the technology of Superelastic shell, the implants fit 100% seamlessly into your breast and make the implants unable to be puckered and rippled, or unable to touch the sides of the implant.

Breast enhancement treatment peace of mind maintenance plan


5 Years Warranty

If the implants break or have class 3 to class 4 capsular contracture within 5 years after implanting Motiva, the vendor will replace a new implant and reimburse the cost of the surgery.

10 Years Warranty

If the implants break or have class 3 to class 4 capsular contracture within 10 years after implanting Motiva, the vendor will replace a new implant.

The process of Motiva breast augmentation:

Step 1 Professional Consultation

The doctor will conduct a detailed consultation with the patient to ensure that they understand the risks, effects, and consequences of the surgery. Based on the patient's medical history, physical condition, and expected results, the doctor will determine the most suitable surgical plan. During the consultation, the patient can raise any questions or concerns with the doctor.

Step 2 Breast Augmentation Surgery

First, the doctor will administer general anesthesia to ensure that the patient does not feel pain or discomfort during the surgery.
Then, an incision is made at the selected location, and the Motiva breast implant is placed under the arm, at the lower edge of the breast, or around the nipple.
After the implant is placed, the incision is closed to ensure that the wound can heal quickly.

Step 3 Recovery period

After the surgery, the patient needs to rest in the hospital for a period of time to allow their body to adapt to the impact of the surgery. The doctor will remind the patient of precautions to take, such as avoiding vigorous exercise, and keeping the incision clean.

Step 4 Postoperative Follow-up

Regular follow-up appointments are necessary to ensure the condition of the breast implant and the recovery of the body. The doctor will evaluate the patient's physical condition, the position and condition of the implant, the status of the incision, and provide necessary advice and treatment plans.

Frequently Asked Questions about Motiva Breast Enhancement Treatment

Am I suitable for having a Motiva treatment?

Motiva breast enhancement treatment is highly focused on safety and natural appearance, making it suitable for most breast augmentation patients. It is particularly valuable for patients with thin subcutaneous fat who cannot perform proper massage, and for individuals who prioritize safety and natural appearance. It is a trusted choice used in over 75 countries worldwide, including the UK, Sweden, Japan, Korea, and more.

Why is the price of Motiva higher?

Motiva has received a good reputation for being a quality implant. Other than being safe (capsular contracture rate <1%) and having a natural appearance, Motiva also provides you with as long a 10-year warranty that no other augmentation brand can offer.

Will the wounds be big after surgery?

Due to the high malleability of Motiva's TrueMonobloc®, the implant can be inserted into the body with a small incision of 2.5 to 3 cm.

Will the wounds be big after surgery?

According to a clinical research published in 2017, the complication rate of Motiva was lower than 1% after 3 years of implantation. It has the lowest complication rate in the industry and no complications such as class 3 and class 4 capsular contracture, puckers, fractures, and late seroma.

Comparison between Motiva Implant and other implants

Smooth surface implants Teardrop implants Natural Breast Treatment
Appearance Smooth round textured surface and teardrop shape SilkSurface®
Texture soft bouncy soft and bouncy, feels like teardrop implants when standing and round implants when lying
Capsular Contracture Rate 4-8% required massages to lower the rate very low 3-5% extremely low <1%
Post-surgery massage normal massages normal massages massages for better preservation

Motiva Dailycare

  • Change the wound dressing, take anti-inflammatories and painkillers according to doctor's instructions after surgery.
  • Rinse and gently blot the wound when showering. Keep the wound dry and clean. Avoid taking a bath before the wound is healed completely.
  • Apply cold compression continuously to reduce the bleeding in the first 3 days; then apply warm compression continuously to stimulate metabolism and blood circulation.
  • Avoid hitting and pricking the breast area. Acupuncture therapy is forbidden.
  • Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages, smoking, irritating food such as spicy food, tea, coffee etc.
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects in the first two weeks and stretching the arms over 90 degrees.
  • Wear full coverage bralette for the first 6 months to avoid the implants from deformation and displacement.

Motiva user recommendations and sharing

Recommended Breast Enhancement Treatment

A friend of mine has tried a lot of methods to augment her boobs such as eating different types of pills for the breasts, massaging with creams etc. but none of them work. At last she decided to get a Motiva Natural Breast Treatment at DR REBORN and the effect is very nice. Her breast is so natural and soft even when she is laying down, and there is no side-effect of hardened implants. She recovered very fast and good, and the scar can barely be seen. My friend told me that the doctor is very professional and attentive throughout the treatment and she is not worried at all as Motiva provides a 10 year warranty. She felt so good that she even asked me to recommend Motiva to everyone!

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