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Lumenis Laser Hair Removal Treatment

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Laser Hair Removal

2023 Laser Hair Removal Price

Ultimate Hair Removal Combo

Combo A


Combo B


partial hair removal

Uniform price$12,360

full body hair removal


*The above offer includes maintenance service

Still using outdated hair removal methods?


The regrowth hair will be thicker and black spots, and the blade is easy to scratch the skin


Chemical ingredients irritate the skin and cause allergic reactions


Pinching the skin, pulling out forcibly will damage the hair follicles and cause bleeding


Very painful, easy to pull hair follicles and cause folliculitis

household hair removal device

The energy is low, it is difficult to handle the back and other parts, it is easy to burn the skin, and the safety factor is doubtful

IPL Hair Removal

The radiation range is scattered, the effect is short-lived, and frequent courses of treatment are required

Understand the hair growth cycle
Catch the perfect timing for hair removal

The complete hair growth cycle of the human body is divided into: the growing phase, the regressing phase and the resting phase. All 3 phases of skin hair are present together. As the hair follicles contain huge melanin for laser absorption only during the "growing phase", this is the best timing for hair removal. The hair removal treatment will take about 6-8 sessions* to achieve the best results.

The hair cells divide and the hair begins to grow in the skin.

The hair cells divide actively and the hair gradually grow from skin.

The hair cells stop dividing and the hair stops growing until it falls off.

Hair falls off until the next growth cycle

*Depends on the number of hairs, thickness, colour, growth cycle and other factors

Laser Expert
Innovative Hair Removal Technology

Vacuum hair removal technology
The effect is faster and more efficient

Special HIT™ vacuum stripping technology uses a vacuum to create negative pressure to suck up the skin. The hair is made more accessible to the laser and more energy is absorbed by the target melanin, reducing the chance of burns. The result is fast and effective.

cryoprotection technology
Comfortable and painless to avoid burns

The unique ChillTip™ Contact Cooling cryoprotection technology can stably provide a constant freezing temperature of 4°C during treatment, greatly reducing discomfort and pain, and preventing sensitivity and burns.

Extended probe coverage
Reduce treatment time and frequency

Equipped with 22x35mm and 9x9mm treatment probes, it covers a wider range of skin and can effectively shorten the treatment time and frequency.

4 Major Advantages

Quick and effective

The unique vacuum head releases a wide range of laser light to treat scores of hair follicles simultaneously, reducing treatment time by up to 75%+.

Suitable For All Skin Tones

Different energy levels can be set to go with various skin tones, whether dark or light.

Painless and comfortable

  • Equipped with a cryoprotection system to reduce pain and discomfort and avoid burns.
  • Studies have shown that most users agree that their hair removal technique is the most comfortable and effective.

safety certificate

Obtained the dual certification of US FDA and EU CE, it can achieve the ideal hair removal effect, while ensuring safety and avoiding damage to delicate skin.

Applicable Areas


Upper lip hair

Facial hair








Comparing Laser Hair Removal Treatments
Major hair removal companies Major hair removal companies
Wavelength 800nm 755nm 755nm
Probe size 9x9mm / 22x35mm 24mm
9x9mm / 22x35mm
Suitable Suitable for all skin tones, especially for Asian skin Suitable for lighter skin tones Suitable for lighter skin tones
Energy output 100J/cm2 60J/cm2 32J/cm2
Required treatment sessions 4-6 times 4-6 times 6-8 times
(Men’s full back)
5-10 minutes 20 minutes 20 minutes
Cooling System both probes are with vacuum technology and are equipped with effective cooling protection system
ChillTip™ Contact Cooling
Integrated cooling system External air cooler
Efficacy More effective than 755nm Effective Effective
Sensation Cool Light cool Scorching
看得見觸得到的效果 再「毛」後顧之憂*
Comments from our customers

As soon as I said that, I tried 6 times of laser hair removal underarms at DR REBORN. Compared with the color light hair removal I received earlier, the effect is really different. andDRREBORN can also arrange the monthly laser hair removal in terms of time, which speeds up the treatment process and makes the hair removal effect more significant and effective. I am very satisfied!

Before I knew it, I had done 4 underarm hair removal treatments. The hair growth slowed down, and the hair was obviously thinned.Self-confidence comes back to life, and you don't have to be afraid of embarrassment when you raise your hands!

I used to go to D's old-style beauty salon every month to get my aunt's "thread surface" lip hair removal, and every time it hurts so much that I shed tears TT But since 3 times of laser hair removal treatment at DR REBORN, not only the skin is smooth and delicate, but also the whole process is painless, it is definitely a savior for those who are afraid of pain!

Although I only did lip hair removal twice, I am very satisfied with the effect, and the hair has fallen off a lot. And born slow left, young left.Just 2 times already has unexpected effect!In addition, I am very satisfied with this companyThere is no hard sell behavior, and the therapist is very careful during each treatment session;Every step is also explained clearly, so I don't feel scared even if I am blindfolded.

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