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Using the wrong method
Build-up of dead skin cells? Pigmentation? Rougher hair?






IPL Hair Removal

Understand the hair growth cycle
Catch the perfect timing for hair removal

The complete hair growth cycle of the human body is divided into: the growing phase, the regressing phase and the resting phase. All 3 phases of skin hair are present together. As the hair follicles contain huge melanin for laser absorption only during the "growing phase", this is the best timing for hair removal. The hair removal treatment will take about 6-8 sessions* to achieve the best results.

*Depends on the number of hairs, thickness, colour, growth cycle and other factors

The hair cells divide and the hair begins to grow in the skin.

The hair cells divide actively and the hair gradually grow from skin.

The hair cells stop dividing and the hair stops growing until it falls off.

Hair falls off until the next growth cycle

Laser Expert
Innovative Hair Removal Technology

Vacuum Technology & Energy Focus

Special HIT™ vacuum stripping technology uses a vacuum to create negative pressure to suck up the skin. The hair is made more accessible to the laser and more energy is absorbed by the target melanin, reducing the chance of burns. The result is fast and effective.

Cooling Protection brings over Pain-free Comfort

Unique ChillTip™ Contact Cooling technology provides a constant 4°C freezing temperature during treatment, hugely reducing discomfort and pain and preventing allergies and burns.

Special Tip for a Faster Treating

The 22x35mm and 9x9mm treatment tips cover a wider area of skin, effectively shortening the treatment duration and sessions.

4 Major Advantages


The unique vacuum head releases a wide range of laser light to treat scores of hair follicles simultaneously, reducing treatment time by up to 75%+.

Suitable For All Skin Tones2

Different energy levels can be set to go with various skin tones, whether dark or light.

The Most Comfortable & Effective3

According to study, users found the hair removal technique to be the most comfortable and effective.

FDA Approval & CE Marking

It achieves the desired hair removal results while ensuring safety and preventing damage to delicate skin.

1. Ref.: KURT G. KLAVUHN, PHD. Coverage Rate: The Influence of Laser Parameters on Treatment Time. Research Scientist, Lumenis Inc., Pleasanton, California.2. Ref.: Eliot F. Battle, Jr., MD and R. Rox Anderson, MD. Study of Very Long-Pulsed (100 ms) High-Powered Diode Laser for Hair Reduction on All Skin Types. Lumenis, 2002. (PB0000174). 3. Ref.: JAGGI RAO, MD, AND MITCHEL P. GOLDMAN, MD. Prospective, Comparative Evaluation of Three Laser Systems Used Individually and in Combination for Axillary Hair Removal. Dermatology/Cosmetic Laser Associates of La Jolla, Inc., La Jolla, California. # Ref.: SHLOMIT HALACHMI & MOSHE LAPIDOTH. Low-fluence vs. standard fluence hair removal: A contralateral control non-inferiority study. Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy, 2012; 14: 2-6. 11位年齡界乎18至65歲使用者連續5個月每月接受1次LightSheer Duet 800 nm diode laser激光脫毛療程後的訪問結果。 ^Ref.: Pardo RJ, Fahey J. Use of the LightSheer™ Diode Laser System for Hair Reduction: Safety and Efficacy in a Large Series of Treatments. Lumenis, 2002. (PB0000217) 144位使用者合共接受800次LightSheer Duet 800 nm diode laser激光脫毛療程後的訪問結果。
Applicable Areas


Upper lip hair

Facial hair







V Line

Comparing Laser Hair Removal Treatments
DR REBORN Major hair removal companies Major hair removal companies
Wavelength 800nm 755nm 755nm
Probe size 9x9mm / 22x35mm 24mm
9x9mm / 22x35mm
Suitable Suitable for all skin tones, especially for Asian skin Suitable for lighter skin tones Suitable for lighter skin tones
Energy output 100J/cm2 60J/cm2 32J/cm2
Required treatment sessions 4-6 times 4-6 times 6-8 times
(Men’s full back)
5-10 minutes 20 minutes 20 minutes
Cooling System Two types of treatment heads with vacuum suction and effective ChillTip™ Contact Cooling Integrated cooling system External air cooler
Efficacy More effective than 755nm Effective Effective
Sensation Cool Light cool Scorching
Hassle-Free Treatment comes with Visible Results
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