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Geneo Plus Pure Gold Elastic Firming Facial

Terms and Conditions: 1) The offer is applicable to DR REBORN’s new customers or existing customers aged 18 or above who are trying out the treatment for the first time (Please provide proof of identity). 2) Valid proof of identity must be presented for registration prior to the treatment. 3) The above offer is only applicable to 1 person for 1 purchase. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions or discounts, nor be transferred or exchanged for cash or for other treatments and products. 4) The customer should understand and agree to the items and content of the treatments arranged by the Group before receiving the same. 5) The Company shall be entitled to revoke, alter, add to or vary the contents herein without further notice. 6) In case of any dispute, EC Healthcare has the final decision.

Trouble with new skin


fine lines

Redness and inflammation

Insufficient hydraulic lock

dull rough

One Treatment 4Great anti-aging effect

smooth back

Increase water saturation

more contoured

Improve skin elasticity

Oxygenation X radio frequency dual technology nutrition penetrates deep into the skin

Oxygen Kinetic Technology

✓Stimulate cell regeneration
✓Remove old horny

Three-pole radio frequency RF

✓ Promote collagen regeneration
✓ Reduce wrinkles and fine lines

With GLAM OxyPod Active Capsule Essence
regain youthful radiance

Contains rare pure gold ingredients

Silk Amino Acid

✓Prevent skin moisture loss
✓Enhance skin elasticity

Gold leaf (pure gold)

✓Activate skin basal cells
✓Reduces elastin breakdown
✓Restore skin elasticity and firmness
✓Reduce skin redness

Polypeptide complex

✓ Strengthen skin defense system
✓ Protects against solar infrared (IR) radiation
✓Reverse skin aging
✓ Repair damaged skin

7 steps 45 minutes

Step 1 - AI professional skin analysis

Step 2 - Facial Makeup Remover and Cleansing

Step 3 - Oxygeneo oxygen kinetic energy technology

Introducing GLAM OxyPod Active Capsules Pure Gold Gold Leaf Ingredients

Step 4 - TriPollar Three Pole Radio Frequency RF

Using radio frequency special care gel

Step 5 - GLAM Active Ingredients Essence Facial Massage

Step 6 - Facial mask

Step 7 - Apply face cream, eye cream and sunscreen for final maintenance

Comments from our customers

As I get older, my skin begins to sag and become less elastic. I have tried applying masks all over the place but there is no obvious effect. This time I tried the Geneo Plus Pure Gold Elastic Firming Facial Treatment and it was a pleasant surprise!
After the skin is firm and elastic, it is also smooth and tender! Knowing that the essence has pure gold and gold leaf ingredients is so precious, it turns out that Zhong can use Li to activate skin basal cells and resist oxidation, which is really good!

I always thought that the tightening treatment would cause a lot of trauma and pain, and it would take a long recovery period. After trying this treatment, I found a new world! The whole process is so comfortable and painless, there will be a face-to-face shoulder and neck massage, and there is no trauma and no recovery period. You can go to play immediately after finishing makeup! The therapist Zhonghao is very careful, explaining every process to me clearly, with gentle gestures. And I am very satisfied with the effect, my friends all think that I am born late, and I will keep doing it all the time!

I bought some expensive skin care products before and felt that they had no effect. It turned out that the nutrition did not reach the bottom layer of the skin, but the Geneo Plus Pure Gold Elastic Firming Facial Treatment is introduced to the deep layer, and the patented technology can activate the skin cells! After doing it once, I can already feel the firming effect, the surface is white and smooth, fine lines are lightened, and skin care products are absorbed better after applying it. I really recommend it!

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