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Medical Eye Bags Removal Treatment
Medical Eye Bags Removal Treatment

Urban people live a busy life and lack time for rest and maintenance. At the same time, with age, the lumps of fat in the belly of the eyes will move downwards and outwards, protruding from the belly of the eyes, forming bags under the eyes. "DR REBORN Medical Minimally Invasive Eye Bag Removal Treatment" uses outward-opening and inward-opening techniques to extract excess fat from the eye bags and restore the smoothness of the "swollen" eye belly. The inward opening technique does not require sutures, so there will be no scars on the eyelids, and the effect is very natural. The medical minimally invasive eye bag removal treatment is a day anesthesia operation, which takes about one to one and a half hours and the recovery period is short. DR REBORN is the largest listed medical beauty group in Hong Kong. The eye bag removal treatment is managed by doctors. The quality and price of the treatment are the best confidence guarantee in the market. It is worth recommending. The preferential price for 2023 is HK$23,800.

Terms and Conditions:
1) The above items are applicable to new customers who are aged 18 or above.
2) Customers must present identification document for registration before enjoying the treatment.
3) The above offers are only applicable to one person and can only be used once, and cannot be used in conjunction with other offers or discounts, and cannot be exchanged for cash, other treatments or products.
4) Customers should clearly agree to the treatment items and contents arranged by the Group before they undergo the treatment.
5) The Company reserves the right to revoke, change, add to or alter the contents of the above terms and conditions without prior notice.
6) In case of any dispute, the decision of EC Healthcare shall be final.
7) Gifts are available while stocks last.

You have eye bags, have you tried many methods to get rid of eye bags, but the effect is not satisfactory? Even using eye masks, applying eye cream, massaging around the eyes, going to bed early and getting up early, doing eye bag exercises, etc. are all ineffective? In fact, these methods have no effect on fatty bags under the eyes. Only medical minimally invasive eye bag removal treatment can permanently remove excess fat under the eyes once and for all, and restore the smoothness of the eye belly.

Failed ways to remove bags under the eyes

What are the causes of eye bags?

1) Genetic heritage

A. Orbital bone retracted

When the orbital bones are retracted to the back of the eyeballs, the fat in the lower eyelids will extrude and form eye bags.

Causes of eye bags

B. Thin subcutaneous tissue in lower eyelids

Eye bags are obvious when the subcutaneous tissue in lower eyelids is thin. The fat in the lower eyelids extrude.

The subcutaneous tissue of the lower eye socket is weak

C. Thin dissepiment for eye fat

People who have a thinner dissepiment for eye fat are more likely to have eye bags.

Causes of bags under the eyes Weak fat membrane under the eyes

D. Skin deterioration

People who have thinner dermis layer, weakened subcutaneous elastic fibre and collagen are more likely to have eye bags.

Causes of Eye Bags Skin Degeneration

E. Excessive accumulation of fat in the lower eye area

When there is excessive accumulation of fat, the fat in the eye area will bulge out, resulting in eye bags.

Causes of bags under the eyes Excessive accumulation of fat under the eyes
2) Lifestyle and other factors

a.Always stay up late



G.Wearing contact lenses

b.Frequently staring at screens


d.Washing face with warm water

H.Applying and removing makeup

DR REBORNMedical Eye Bags Removal Treatment

The DR REBORN Medical Eye Bags Removal Treatment dissolves excessive fat and other problems associated with eye bags all at once. It only takes 60 minutes for the customers to witness the visible results for eye bag removal. Our treatment makes you look 10 years younger and only requires short-term recovery!

Mechanism and procedures

eye bag removal surgery

A minimally invasive procedure is particularly effective in removing eye bags in a short period of time

eye bag removal surgery

It is especially effective to remove eye bag fat with a minimally invasive method with small wounds

eye bag removal surgery

The fat in the lower eyelids will move outwards and downwards and form eye bags over time

eye bag removal surgery

Medical Eye Bags Removal Treatment is a safe and simple day surgery. Various techniques (incisional and transconjunctival) are employed to remove different types of eye bag. The incisional eye bag removal procedure extracts and removes the excessive fats by accessing the muscle layer and fascia layer; and the transconjunctival eye bag removal procedure removes the excessive fats from the back of the eyelids. As the transconjunctival procedure does not require any suturing, it will not leave any scar.

eye bag removal surgery

Both removal procedures make the eye bags disappear and tightens the loose skin in the lower eyelids, making the treatment more effective!


The fat removal amount and treatment are tailored to your needs to ensure the size of the the left and right eyes look the same!

Fast recovery

Take 5 to 7 hours rest after treatment. Generally, it is recommended to take 2-7 rest days.

No apparent mark

The mark of surgery will be insignificant in a month.

Recommended by satisfied customers

eye bag removal recommendation

Comments from our customers

Eye Bag Removal Shared by Users

My eye bags are crazy, not only because of my genetic heritage but also frequent scrolling through my phone and staying up late. I look like a different person every morning when I wake with my swelling eyes. I want to make things right before it’s too late so I made up my mind and went to DR REBORN for the Medical Eye Bags Removal Treatment. Usually, I don’t feel good about “eye bags removal procedures” because they sound painful. But it is nothing like this when I have this treatment in DR REBORN, and the effects are very pleasing. The surgery took around 40 minutes and it’s like going into a deep sleep once the anaesthesia was applied, but some anaesthesia remained in my body after the procedure and I was a little dazed. After the recovery period, I was so thrilled to see that the bags under my eyes that used to be swollen were flattened out and I regretted having the surgery so late This treatment eliminated the eye bags problem that has been bothering me for a long time! I’m so relieved now!

Recommended by users who remove bags under the eyes

“Ageless woman” is a recognition for the middle-aged women who have no eye bags. This is definitely not an exaggeration as I have experienced the rejuvenating effect by removing eye bags. Now that I look at least 5 years younger! Before treatment, I didn’t like taking photos as my eye bags were piled up into folds, and were bigger than my eyes. I’d spent lots of time and money on massaging and buying eye cream but they didn’t work! I decided to go to DR REBORN for the Medical Eye Bags Removal Treatment. It is a minimally invasive surgery. Even though anaesthesia was applied before the procedure, it still tingle a little. Other than the eye bags, I’d also had my lower eyelids and the fine lines around the eyes. After the surgery,I followed all the instructions, used anti-inflammatory drugs and eye drops, applied cold compresses within 48 hours and warm compresses after 72 hours to make the swelling disappear. It has been 3 months after receiving the treatment, the eye bags are flattened and the surrounding fine lines are gone! So many folk remedies I have tried, having surgery seems to be the most effective method. It is excellent! It’s really worth a try!

- FAQ -

Q How much is the medical treatment for eye bags?

  • The medical treatment for eye bags starts at $23,800, and the whole process is analyzed and handled by a professional medical team to ensure safety and effectiveness. It has been recommended and shared by many users of eye bag removal treatment.

Q What kinds of eye bags are suitable for having Medical Eye Bags Removal Treatment?

  • The incisional eye bag removal procedure is suitable for people who are older (as their eye bags are larger and puffier) and those skin around the eyes is loose and saggy. The procedure can eliminate the eye bags and tighten the lower eyelids to smooth wrinkles.
  • The transconjunctival eye bag removal procedure is more suitable for younger people as their eye bags are smaller. A small incision is made to remove excessive fat and it does not require any suturing, leaving no scar, and has a shorter recovery period. But this will not improve the conditions of saggy eyelids and smooth wrinkles like the incisional eye bag removal procedure.

Q How long does the Medical Eye Bags Removal Treatment take?

  • It takes about 1-1.5 hours.

Q Does the treatment hurt?

  • The Medical Eye Bags Removal Treatment is a painless surgery using local anaesthetic. But you can also choose to have a general anaesthesia.

Q Will there be any anaesthetic?

  • Local anaesthesia will be applied before the treatment. General anaesthesia will be provided upon request.

Q Points to note after treatment

  • Take medications and attend follow-up consultations as instructed
  • Apply cold and warm compresses alternately to ease the pain and accelerate swelling and bruises mitigation
  • Avoid smoking and eating spicy food as they may affect the healing process
  • Avoid wearing contact lenses and eye makeup as they may cause infections
  • Avoid actions that will increase the intraocular pressure such as crying, eyestrain, bending over etc.

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