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DR REBORN introduces Discovery Pico, the Italian King of Pico technology. You can enjoy multiple skin-awakening effects with one price. Discovery Pico has the Pico technology of the highest output power, fastest speed and longest wavelength on the market of Hong Kong. Compared to other existing laser technologies, it has outstanding results in removing deep and superficial pigmentation such as freckles, sunspots, melasma, café au lait spots, etc. Its photomechanical effect effectively inhabits the melanin and improves skin conditions such as acne scars, bumpy skin, rough skin, large pores, dull skin, etc. The laser energy can also stimulate the regeneration of collagen. Regular treatments can make your skin smooth like silk.

Terms and Conditions:
1. 水光肌面膜禮物只限送予第一次於DR REBORN消費之客人。數量有限,送完即止。
2. The above items are applicable to new customers of EC Healthcare who are aged 18 or above and visit our designated branches.
3. Customers must present identification document for registration before enjoying the treatment.
4. The above offers are only applicable to one person and can only be used once, and cannot be used in conjunction with other offers or discounts, and cannot be exchanged for cash, other treatments or products.
5. Customers should clearly agree to the treatment items and contents arranged by the Group before they undergo the treatment.
6. The Company reserves the right to revoke, change, add to or alter the contents of the above terms and conditions without prior notice.
7. In case of any dispute, the decision of EC Healthcare shall be final.

【阿Sa推薦👍🏻Discovery Pico 皮秒激光療程】免費體驗光療程】

「皮秒」碎斑,點止白咁簡單,仲要透亮!最強 Discovery Pico 皮秒激光比傳統激光療程能量更快速、更強大,對準黑色素,震碎至粉塵般微細,後經新陳代謝自然排走。一個療程達致白、嫩、亮。回復 BB 般的淨白細緻肌。想好似阿Sa的肌膚咁又白又滑?立即登記免費體驗。

突破性皮秒激光科技 意大利皮秒機王



皮秒去斑3Major Characteristics

Exclusive flat cap-shaped square laser
helps to avoid post laser hypopigmentation
4 different modes
to tackle different skin conditions
Larger energy transmission
to remove spots and pigmentations effectively
The innovative design and the flat cap-shaped square laser assure the energy to cover the skin evenly and avoid post laser hypopigmentation (PLH).
Advantages of flat cap-shaped square laser design
  • The energy is more evenly distributed on the skin
  • The laser beams will not overlap
  • Avoid PLH
Disadvantages of regular laser design
  • Uneven energy distribution
  • The circular beams will overlap to fill the gaps
  • Higher chance to have PLH

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皮秒技術3Major Characteristics

Exclusive flat cap-shaped square laser
helps to avoid post laser hypopigmentation
4different modes
to tackle different skin conditions
Larger energy transmission
to remove spots and pigmentations effectively
Mode Effects and Functions
  • Intensive energy blasts the spots and pigmentations like bullet
  • Spots in the superficial layer will form invisible scabs and will be removed after cleaning
  • Spots and pigmentations in the deep layer are too large and will be eliminated by the white blood cells after being broken down.
PTP Mode
  • Emits with 0.3ms pulse width
  • Activates and rebuilds collagen
  • Resolves the conditions of dilated capillaries vasodilation and vascular chloasma completely.
Short Pulse
  • Short-pulse lasers have a shallower heat transmission for lightening the marks of capillaries.
Segmented Pico
  • Segmented picosecond laser
  • Stimulate collagen production, which is comparable with other minimally or non-invasive treatments available.
  • Improve the conditions including wrinkles, scars, large pores, bumps, acne scars etc.

皮秒激光3Major Characteristics

Exclusive flat cap-shaped square laser
helps to avoid post laser hypopigmentation
4 different modes
to tackle different skin conditions
Larger energy transmission
to remove spots and pigmentations effectively

Whitening Treatment

Recognised by multiple international professional organisations
Quick, Safe, Effective



CE Approved

CE Approved


Aesthetic Industry Awards


Highly reliable
Minimise the damages to the skin


More effective




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Pico Laser皮秒激光 VS 傳統激光和納秒激光

Discovery Pico 特色在於有別於使用傳統激光的「光熱效應」,而是透過雙波長激光,配合超短脈衝時間,產生「純粹機械光震效應」,高能量穿透皮膚表層後,在極短時間內精準對準黑色素斑塊,直接逐粒震碎目標。色斑被擊碎後,淺層斑結成肉眼看不到的焦,隨著清潔皮膚離開皮膚表面,回復白淨無暇。 而深層色斑被擊碎後,則會被身體內的白血球吞噬而消失。Discovery Pico的創新方方形光束及平帽式設計,使激光能量能平均覆蓋每吋肌膚,能有效避免因光能重疊引起反白反黑等後遺症。
皮秒療程香港推介 Q-Switch
(Short/Long Pulse)
袪斑原理 Photomechanical Effect Photoacoustic Effect Photothermal Effect
Mechanism 光機械衝擊壓力直接震碎目標 Emit laser light with intensive energy and short pulse time. The melanin will absorb the energy and break down instantly 目標物吸收熱能達到破壞
Heat Weak (not significant) Moderate Strong (significant)
Energy Emission High Moderate Low
Comfortability High Moderate Low
  • 可打散深層的色斑
  • 更有效美白袪斑
  • 可處理深層的色斑
  • 能量有限
  • 穿透較淺
  • 較難處理深層斑
  • 熱力大幅減低
  • 無反黑、反白情形
  • 熱力而造成皮膚的傷害相對較小
  • The heat generated by the laser may cause scabs
  • 因熱力累積,造成皮膚燒傷
  • 容易反黑、反白

(Data provided by vendor)

Picosecond treatments comparison

Discovery Pico相比市面上其他的皮秒激光儀器是最快、能量最強皮秒界的超級跑車。
Pico Laser
Cynosure / Picosure PicoWay Cutera - Enlighten
Origin Italy USA USA USA
Pulse Time
  • 450 picoseconds @ 1064nm
  • 370 picoseconds @ 532nm
  • 550-750 picoseconds
  • 450 picoseconds @ 1064nm
  • 375 picoseconds @ 532nm
  • 750 picoseconds
Laser Wavelength
  • 1064nm
  • 532nm
  • 755nm
  • 1064nm
  • 532nm
  • 1064nm
  • 532nm
Maximum Energy Delivery (mJ)
  • 800@1064nm
  • 300@532nm
  • 200 (fixed)
  • 400@1064nm
  • 200@532nm
  • 600@1064nm
  • 300@532nm
Maximum Power (GW) 1.8 0.36 0.89 0.36
Segmented Pico Yes Yes Yes No
方形激光 Yes No No No

(Data provided by vendor)

Whitening Treatment




DISCOVERY PICO 皮秒激光治療後多久可以看出效果?效果如何?可持續多久?


DISCOVERY PICO 皮秒激光治療後會怎樣?


DISCOVERY PICO 皮秒激光治療後有甚麼要注意?


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I put on sunscreen of higher SPF as my skin will not get any younger. But whenever I go out without enough sun protection, I get small discolorations at the corners of my eyes and my cheekbones. They get bigger if my sun protections continue to be inadequate. A friend recommended me to have the DISCOVERY PICO Whitening Treatment at DR REBORN. I used to think that laser treatment like this would be painful, but in fact I only felt some heat and some minor pain like a rubber band hitting my face, which is acceptable. During the treatment, the doctor adjusted the wavelength according to the tone of the pigments, and asked if I am feeling ok, which was very considerate. It felt so good to put on an ice-cold mask to cool down my face after treatment. The pigments are significantly lighter after I have received the treatment twice. I think I will keep having the treatment!


There're many pimples on my face when I hit puberty and the condition was horrible. But when the pimples faded, they left bumps, red spots on my face. My face became bumpy because of this and the bumps were so uneven that I dared not go out to see people! But in recent years, PICO whitening treatment went viral, and I found out that it does more than just whitening pigments. It also smooths bumps and rejuvenates skin, so I tried DISCOVERY PICO whitening treatment. It felt itchy during treatment, and the doctor was very assiduous as I felt that every inch on my face was covered by the energy and taken care of. I didn’t experience any discomfort except the little redness on my face when I went home after the first treatment. Few days later it subsided completely and my face became smoother. I looked into the mirror and the bumps and the pores were significantly shrinked. I really think that this centre is good because the doctors are attentive and the price is worth the service. It really worth a try and I truly recommend this!


I have reached my 40s but I don't know why the pigments on my face are more than the people who are around my age. When I was in my mid-30s, I had a fist-sized, coffee-colored spot on my cheek. I had consulted the doctor and knew that the spot is called melasma. I couldn’t even cover the spot after applying multiple layers of foundation. Now that summer is getting longer and longer, I can’t stand wearing a hat and sunglasses to cover my face all day long! I checked the Internet and found that DISCOVERY PICO is available in DR REBORN. They claim that the technology of focused energy can target and eliminate the shallow and deep pigmentations. I tried DISCOVERY PICO and the melasma on my left cheek was 2 shades lighter and my face was brighter and smoother. It’s really impressive! One month after the treatment, there is no PIH and PLH. So nice!

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