Discovery Pico price
Discovery Pico price

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DR REBORN introduces Discovery Pico, the Italian King of Pico technology. You can enjoy multiple skin-awakening treatment with one price. Discovery Pico has the Pico technology of the highest output power, fastest speed and longest wavelength on the Hong Kong market. Compared to other existing laser technologies, it has outstanding results in removing deep and superficial pigmentation and improves skin conditions such as acne scars, bumpy skin, rough skin, large pores, dull skin, etc. Its photomechanical effect effectively inhabits the melanin and improves skin conditions such as acne scars, bumpy skin, rough skin, large pores, dull skin, etc. The laser energy can also stimulate the regeneration of collagen. Regular treatments can make your skin smooth like silk.

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DISCOVERY PICO Understanding Bumpy Skin

Discovery Pico Bump Hole

Bumpy skin is caused by the inflammation reactions of acne blemishes which results in scar growth due to destruction of skin tissue. As the wounds heal, scar tissue swells downwards into the subcutaneous fat and fascia layers, creating atrophic hollows.

The most common types of scar that form bumps on the skin are ice pick scar, rolling scar and boxcar scar. These types of scars are not deep and the treatment is very effective in dealing with these scars. It is hard for regular skincare products on the market to solve the problem, as it involves the skin layer and the dermis layer. It is recommended to have medical skin-awakening treatments or laser treatments to improve the condition.

Concave-convex hole type Shallow ice-cut type

Ice pick scar

Concave-convex hole type Rolling type

Rolling scar

Bump hole type Carriage type

Boxcar scar

DISCOVERY PICO Acne Scars Improvement Treatment

The DISCOVERY PICO machine can produce ultra short picosecond laser pulses. The rapid bursts of energy generate a photoablation effect that creates numerous small vacuoles within the hardened scar tissues. These small vacuoles induce new collagen production to improve skin texture, large pores and even acne scars.

Discovery Pico Hong Kong


Highest energy output

DISCOVERY PICO has an output energy of 1.8GW which causes small blisters and reconstruction on skin. This stimulates massive collagen production and fosters rejuvenation to smooth marks/roughness on skin.

Segmented picosecond laser

The treatment uses an exclusive probe to emit fractional PICO laser to break down the scar tissues and create cavitation effect, causing the tissue to regrow and smooth the scars.

The Refix lens in the probe concentrates the energy and makes the treatment more effective. With the 1.8GW energy output, it damages and restructures the skin to improve the texture.

1064 nm Wavelength High penetrating power

The longest wavelength of DISCOVERY PICO is 1064nm. Acne scars do not only appear on the epidermis but lies in the dermis.

Therefore, to solve the problem of acne scars, 1064nm wavelength with high penetrating power is needed to reach the dermis. The deeper the penetration, the better the treatment effect.

Pico Laser VS Traditional Laser

Compared to traditional and nanosecond laser treatment, Discovery Pico blasts the melanin with a shorter and stronger energy which will be broken down and exported out the body by metabolism. As Pico laser is 1,000 times faster in speed, the treatment frequency, recovery period, side-effects of post-inflammatory pigmentation (PIH) and post laser hypopigmentation (PLH) are significantly reduced.

Pico Laser Q-switch Traditional laser (Short/Long pulse)
Effect Photomechanical Effect Photoacoustic Effect Photothermal Effect
Mechanism Photomechanical effect generates pressure that shatters the pigment Emit laser light with intensive energy and short pulse time. The melanin will absorb the energy and break down instantly Break down the pigments after the energy has been absorbed
Heat Weak (not significant) Moderate Strong (significant)
Energy Emission High Moderate Low
Comfortability High Moderate Low
Depth Able to break down pigments in the deep layer and have a significant effect of whitening Able to break down pigments in the deep layer but the energy is limited Shallower penetration so it is not effective in breaking down pigments in the deep layer
PIH/PLH Significantly reduces in heat reduces the chances of having PIH and PLH. As the laser generates less heat and has a shorter treatment time, the heat damages the skin and the chances of having PIH and PLH are reduced. The heat generated by the laser may cause scabs The accumulated energy may burn the skin and cause PIH and PLH easily

Picosecond treatments comparison

The DISCOVERY PICO is the fastest and most powerful picosecond laser compared to other picosecond lasers on the market.

Discovery Pico Cynosure / Picosure Pico Way Cutera-Enlighten
Origin Italy USA USA USA
Pulse Time 450 picoseconds @ 1064nm
370 picoseconds @ 532nm
550-750 picoseconds 450 picoseconds @ 1064nm
375 picoseconds @ 532nm
750 picoseconds
Laser Wavelength 1064nm
755nm 1064nm
Maximum Energy Delivery (mJ) 800@1064nm
200 (fixed) 400@1064nm
Maximum Power (GW) 1.8 0.36 0.89 0.36
Segmented Pico Yes Yes Yes No

(Data provided by vendor)

Comments from our customers

I have reached my 40s but I don't know why the pigments on my face are more than the people who are around my age. When I was in my mid-30s, I had a fist-sized, coffee-colored spot on my cheek. I had consulted the doctor and knew that the spot is called melasma. I couldn’t even cover the spot after applying multiple layers of foundation. Now that summer is getting longer and longer, I can’t stand wearing a hat and sunglasses to cover my face all day long! I checked the Internet and found that DISCOVERY PICO is available in DR REBORN. They claim that the technology of focused energy can target and eliminate the shallow and deep pigmentations. I tried DISCOVERY PICO and the melasma on my left cheek was 2 shades lighter and my face was brighter and smoother. It’s really impressive! One month after the treatment, there is no PIH and PLH. So nice!

I put on sunscreen of higher SPF as my skin will not get any younger. But whenever I go out without enough sun protection, I get small discolorations at the corners of my eyes and my cheekbones. They get bigger if my sun protections continue to be inadequate. A friend recommended me to have the DISCOVERY PICO Whitening Treatment at DR REBORN. I used to think that laser treatment like this would be painful, but in fact I only felt some heat and some minor pain like a rubber band hitting my face, which is acceptable. During the treatment, the doctor adjusted the wavelength according to the tone of the pigments, and asked if I am feeling ok, which was very considerate. It felt so good to put on an ice-cold mask to cool down my face after treatment. The pigments are significantly lighter after I have received the treatment twice. I think I will keep having the treatment!

There're many pimples on my face when I hit puberty and the condition was horrible. But when the pimples faded, they left bumps, red spots on my face. My face became bumpy because of this and the bumps were so uneven that I dared not go out to see people! But in recent years, PICO whitening treatment went viral, and I found out that it does more than just whitening pigments. It also smooths bumps and rejuvenates skin, so I tried DISCOVERY PICO whitening treatment. It felt itchy during treatment, and the doctor was very assiduous as I felt that every inch on my face was covered by the energy and taken care of. I didn’t experience any discomfort except the little redness on my face when I went home after the first treatment. Few days later it subsided completely and my face became smoother. I looked into the mirror and the bumps and the pores were significantly shrinked. I really think that this centre is good because the doctors are attentive and the price is worth the service. It really worth a try and I truly recommend this!

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