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DeadCal Lipolysis Treatment

DR REBORN's novel lipolysis treatment, DeadCal, is the only patented Coolwaves technology in the world (Hong Kong Experience Price HK$980.). The 10-minute treatment helps to remove localised fat deposits, improve double chin, flabby arm muscles, belly, buttock fat, back fat and chubby legs, tighten skin and activate collagen production. With CE certification and followed by a team of healthcare professionals, the painless lipolysis process is safe, comfortable and effective.

Terms and Conditions: 1) The offer is applicable to DR REBORN’s new customers or existing customers aged 18 or above who are trying out the treatment for the first time (Please provide proof of identity). 2) Valid proof of identity must be presented for registration prior to the treatment. 3) The above offer is only applicable to 1 person for 1 purchase. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions or discounts, nor be transferred or exchanged for cash or for other treatments and products. 4) The customer should understand and agree to the items and content of the treatments arranged by the Group before receiving the same. 5) The Company shall be entitled to revoke, alter, add to or vary the contents herein without further notice. 6) In case of any dispute, EC Healthcare has the final decision.
Dr Reborn 香港最新溶脂療程

10Top 10 Problems with Your Body Shape

Double chin Flabby arm muscles Belly Lower back fat Back fat Buttock fat Cellulite Chubby legs Knee fat Thick calves











44 Fast & Effective Results

No more worries about calories in every meal!


The world's only patented cool wave technology that delivers multiple benefits: fat removal, skin tightening and collagen regeneration

Vast Treatment Area

Each part's fat-reduction area close to the size of an iPhone (15 x 15 cm)

International Accreditation

CE certification: safe for use

Safe &

The cooling tip maintains the skin temperature at a comfortable 15-25 °C to improve skin protection

No Downtime

Non-invasive: you can resume normal activities immediately

Fast & Effective

The treatment takes only 10 minutes and the results can be seen immediately

Over 90% of users say they are satisfied*

*Data provided by manufacturer

DeadCal Vs Other Similar Products

DeadCal's Latest Lipolysis Treatment V Cool Cryolipolysis BTL Vanquish Scizer
Origin Italy Korea UK Korea
Technology Coolwaves®, patented technology in the world Cool Sculpting Radiofrequency (Fat reduction)Contactless Lipolysis) HIFU HIFU
Frequency 2.45GHz - 27.12MHz -
  • 2.45GHZ microwaves technology
  • Selective destruction of fat cells
  • Precise control of the energy, heat and depth of the ultra-microwave release, targeting 15mm-depth subcutaneous fat
  • Heating 80% subcutaneous fat quickly and evenly, without causing any discomfort in the surrounding skin tissues
  • Non-invasive cryolipolysis technology
  • Frozen at -4°C to -7°C and delivered to the fat layer
  • Precise low-temperature destruction of the cell membranes of fat cells, resulting in natural apoptosis of fat cells
  • Selective RF and Tuning technology
  • Tracking fat tissue in real time and safely heating the fat layer (5-15mm) continuously up to 46°C
  • Penetrating 13mm deep under the skin and destroys fat cells at a 58°C+
  • Fat cells are naturally excreted when they are broken down
  • Reduce localised fat build-up
  • Skin tightening & wrinkle free
  • Reduce the volume and quantity of fat cells
  • Dual head design for double effect
  • Smaller inches of treatment received
  • Contactless treatment
  • Dual head design for double effect
Duration 10 minutes 20-30 minutes 30-40 minutes 20-30 minutes
Comfortability Highly comfortable, with a temperature-sensitive cooling system to protect the peripheral tissues for a safe and painless lipolysis process Freezing sensation Painless The skin is first chilled to create an anaesthetic effect, which greatly reduces the pain associated with the treatment
Applicable Areas Abdomen, knees, hips, arms, thighs, back, flanks, double chin, etc. Legs, waist and abdomen, back, arms, etc. Anterior abdomen, side waist, hips, outer thighs Belly, anterior waist and abdomen, side waist above the hips
Suitable for Central or localised fats Double chin Cellulite Saggy skin Fat reduction for obese areas Localised fat deposits, weight loss and slimming Localised fat deposits, weight loss and slimming

The world's only patented cool wave technology Fat reduction, skin tightening and collagen regeneration in one go


Remove localised fat deposits

  • 2.45GHZ microwaves technology
  • Coolwaves technology targets 15mm-depth subcutaneous fat with 80% energy directed to the fat layer
  • The Coolwaves tip ensures skin temperature at a comfortable 15-25 °C without causing any discomfort or trauma
  • Continuous breakdown of fat cells for up to 3 weeks after the treatment

Tighten skin. Reduce cellulite. Fight off double chin

  • Repair collagen fibres in the dermis
  • Stimulate new collagen production to support the surface of depressed skin
  • Plumper, smoother and firmer skin

Followed by a team of medical professionals Safe and effective


Advanced Instrument Analysis

InBody Analysis

  • 6 Key Data Analysis
    (including body fat %, muscle mass and metabolic rate, etc.)
  • Non-invasive & zero radiation exposure
  • Comparison of treatment results data
  • More effective personalised contouring solutions

Consult & Custom-make Treatment

  • Consultation on body shape and contouring
  • Set your treatment results and goals
  • Determine the appropriate treatment sessions

Treatment Follow-up

  • Smart analysis of treatment results
  • Provide care advice

During Treatment

  • About 10 minutes
  • Comfortable & painless

Lipolysis Treatment Testimonials

Double chin Arm Cellulite Abdomen Thigh

Approved by international regulators for safety and reliability

Medical CE Certification

溶脂療程獲得Medical CE 歐洲合格認證

Awards & Accolades, Choice of Confidence

The Aesthetic Industry Awards
Aesthetic Winner 2018


Anti-Aging & Beauty Trophy 2018-2019
Best Non-Invasive Body Shaping Technology

Anti-Aging & Beauty Trophy 溶脂療程

Real lipolysis experience from Hong Kong users


Cellulite appearing in my thighs has always bothered me, and I have tried all kinds of massage to no avail. DeadCal’s result is surprising! Its patented technique has improved the cellulite that causes lumpy skin, smoothing out the skin surface and allowing you to wear short skirts and clothing again!

Customer Satisfaction
Recommendation Index

I was half-hearted about weight loss and slimming treatments. It’s really surprising that visible results are shown after trying the DeadCal lipolysis treatment. Not only do you lose fat, but you also tighten your skin. Two birds with one stone! You don't have to buy other treatments to tighten your skin after you've lost weight. Now I don't have to count calories anymore and can enjoy my food as much as I like!


During my weight loss treatment, I used to feel so hot and sore all day, but I don't find it hard to do DeadCal at all. The tip doesn’t heat up the skin but cools it down, and the bottom layer of the skin feels warm. The results are already visible once the treatment is done. I'll do the rest of the body parts when I'm done with the double chin!



Q:What is the difference between DeadCal and other RF instruments?

A: DeadCal's newest lipolysis treatment uses 2.45GHz microwaves that are most absorbed by the fat layer, eliminating up to 80% of fat cells more effectively and precisely than other RF devices. A temperature-sensitive cooling system is also available to protect the peripheral tissues. The whole treatment does not require the use of anaesthetic and has no downtime, which is non-invasive, safe and painless. The treatment is more comfortable and safer than other RF treatments.

Q: Is lipolysis treatment safe?

A: The treatment uses a patented smart tip that releases Coolwaves in a controlled manner to focus only on subcutaneous fat, thus protecting surrounding tissues such as skin and muscles. DeadCal has received numerous awards and is a safe and reliable treatment recognised by international regulatory bodies.

Q: How often do I need to undergo a lipolysis treatment?

The fat cells will continue to break down for 3 weeks after the treatment and be metabolically excreted from the body. It is recommended that each lipolysis session be spaced approximately 2-3 weeks apart, depending on the client's body shape.

Lipolysis Precautions

Before treatment:

  • Advise all medications being taken and past medical history
  • Advise invasive treatments performed within 6 months
  • Medical advice required for breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women

After treatment:

  • Normal activities can resume after the treatment
  • Avoid strenuous exercise for 1 week
  • Avoid invasive treatments, massage and cosmetic procedures for 1 week
  • Temporary redness, swelling, soreness and bruising are normal symptoms which will gradually subside within a few hours. Apply ice to soothe if needed

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