Double Eyelid Treatment
Double Eyelid Treatment

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醫學性雙眼皮療程俗稱「吊線」是近年單眼皮女士首選的「割雙眼皮」醫美項目。有別於傳統割雙眼皮手術,吊線技術利用纖維線於眼皮上穿線,來固定雙眼皮線條,毋需開刀。「吊線」優點在於創傷較小,不留疤痕,療程後恢復期較短,療程效果隨時間愈顯自然,效果最長的可維持長達5-8年,但不又像割雙眼皮手術般不可逆轉,永遠不能回復原狀。眼睛是靈魂之窗,決定了要修飾謹記要找一間可信賴的醫療機構。DR REBORN為香港最大上市醫療美容集團,醫學性雙眼皮療程由醫生主理,療程質素及價錢皆為市場上的最佳信心保証。限時優惠價錢HK$19,800。

Terms and Conditions:
The above items are applicable to new customers of brands of EC Healthcare who are aged 18 or above and our designated flagship shops.
Customers must present valid identification document for registration before enjoying the treatment.
The above offers are only applicable to one person and can only be used once, and cannot be used in conjunction with other offers or discounts, and cannot be exchanged for cash, other treatments or products.
Customers should clearly agree to the treatment items and contents arranged by the Group before proceeding with the treatments.
The Company reserves the right to revoke, change, add to or alter the contents of the above terms and conditions without prior notice.
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Medical "eyelid cutting", natural and seamless double eyelid effect

The medical double eyelid treatment uses 8-shaped cross medical technology, no need for surgery, stitches removal, no scars, natural effect, and can last up to 5-8 years, helping you solve single eyelid, inner double eyelid, large and thin eyes, etc. Problem, say goodbye to double eyelid stickers.

What makes the difference between single eyelids and double eyelids?

Genetic factor is the only explanation for the question. In the eyes of the Westerners, Asian women with almond shaped eyes and, thin and bendy eyebrows are regarded as beautiful. On the contrary, Easterners want their eyes to be as big and bright as the Caucasians. This is why having big eyes has becoming popular in recent years.

People with single eyelids may have the illusion of having smaller eyes. This is because the distance between their upper and lower eyelids is 7-9mm. When they look straight at something, only 50% - 70% of the eye is visible. It gives the impression of having dimmed eyes, or even gives the impression of being exhausted.

double eyelid

People with double eyelids give the impression of being affectionate and refreshing. Aesthetically speaking, the eyelids make their eyes look bigger. This is because the shape of the double eyelids have the visual effect of enlarging your eyes and changing the appearance in terms of the size between the eyes and the eyebrows.

The golden ratio of the eyes

In visual arts, a subject is regarded as perfect if it complies with a golden ratio. The golden ratio for perfect eyes is that the length of an eye should be 1/5 of the width of the face. The distance between the eyes should be the length of an eye.

optimal distance between the eyes
Types of eyelids

The major difference between single eyelids and double eyelids is the structure of the levator muscles in the eyelids. Double eyelids are formed when the levator muscles are connected to the creases on the eyelid so that when the eyes are opened, the upper eyelids will lift and shorten naturally and fold to form the double eyelids.

For people with single eyelids, their levator muscles in the eyelids do not connect to the creases but to the eyelashes. That is why the eyelids will fold inwards when they open their eyes. This will also loosen the eyelids and accumulate subcutaneous fats, making the eyes look swollen and small, and give the impression of being exhausted and solemn.

The eyelids and the levator muscles of the in-fold type of double eyelids are folding inwards, making the creases not obvious. Some people may mistakenly think their in-fold double eyelids as single eyelids and want to make them more obvious by applying double eyelid tape or makeup. However, this will only make the eyes look more swollen or look like single eyelids without makeup.

Medical Double Eyelid Treatment

The three common types of double eyelid procedures are incisional, thread-lifting, and thread-lifting (criss-cross). The incisional procedure is the traditional double eyelid procedure that makes incisions on the upper eyelid and sutures the incisions to stabilise and lift the levator muscles. This treatment will create permanent creases and is suitable for people who have swollen, droopy or excessive fats on their eyelids. Double Eyelid Medical Treatment, also known as thread-lifting procedure, is by opening small holes on the eyelids and suture the creases to form double eyelids. The procedures make no incision and leave no scar with short recovery period. The creases will have a natural appearance over time and are able to last as long as 5-8 years.

Double eyelid cutting price
Procedures Incisional Thread-lifting Thread-lifting (criss-cross)
Steps make incisions on the upper eyelid and suture the incisions to stabilise and lift the levator muscles. This treatment will create permanent creases. Open small holes on the eyelids and thread the holes to fix the shape of the creases. Thread-lifting does not make incisions. Use 5 needles to make some pin-sized holes on the eyelids and criss-cross the holes with the medical threads to make the creases of double eyelids.
Duration about 1 hour about 1 hour about 30-45 minutes
Effectiveness deep and significant creases that is hard to remedy if something goes wrong no incisions made, have the possibility of non-permanent effect, and the creases look natural. The threads may be loosen or broken after 3-5 years (varies depend on individuals) no incisions made, have the possibility of non-permanent effect, and the creases look natural. The threads may be loosen or broken after 3-5 years (varies depend on individuals)
Recovery period swelling will last for a longer time and will gradually subside after one month. Wounds are exposed to the air. 1-2 days of rest are recommended to let the swelling subside gradually. 1-2 days of rest are recommended. The swelling will subside within two weeks and the eyelids will fully recover after 1-2 months.
Suitable for people who are aged, have swollen, droopy or excessive fats on their eyelids who are younger, have thin eyelids, low subcutaneous fat, or firm eyelids who are younger, have thin eyelids, low subcutaneous fat, or firm eyelids

The mechanism of thread-lifting (criss-cross)

hanging thread double eyelid

Mark the stitch location on the eyelids

Suspension double eyelid principle

Thread the holes with N-PRO threads

Suspension Double Eyelid Hong Kong

Make the creases of double eyelids by criss-crossing the holes with N-PRO threads

Common Q&A

How much does Medical Double Eyelid Treatment cost?

DR REBORN 自然無痕醫學雙眼皮療程為$19,800,由豐富經驗的醫美團隊進行輪廓分析,按照面型和五官比例等定制最適合你的雙眼皮方案。

Is single eyelid suitable for medical double eyelid treatment?

Medical double eyelids use the 8-shaped cross technique. In addition to single eyelids, inner double eyelids, large and thin eyes, multiple eyelids, drooping eyelids, and asymmetrical eyelids are all suitable for treatment, which can improve the situation where the double eyelid is too narrow.

Comments from our customers
Double eyelid cutting treatment shared by users

One of the unfairest things in the world is genetic heritage. My siblings got the sparkling eyes from my mother and only I got the single eyelids from my father. people have always teased me for my small eyes. since I was young. I don’t understand why people would stereotype people with single eyelids are unmotivated, lack confidence, or even lazy! It’s really upsetting! I know that double eyelid treatments of thread-lifting procedures are more popular now as the appearance is more natural and the effect will only last for a few years. It’s not like having an incisional one that will last forever and I have to worry about the eyelids may not be the way I wanted. It’s a big decision to have a double eyelid treatment so I chose the thread-lifting procedure at DR REBORN. I’m very concerned about how natural the appearance will be after the treatment but I believe DR REBORN is able to give me the effects I want. My eyes were a bit swollen the first few days but it subsided significantly after a week. It feels natural when I apply my eye makeup. I am very satisfied with the effects!

Double eyelid cutting shared by users

It is very frustrating to have single eyelids! I have to spend at least half an hour everyday for my eye, and my eyelids are loosened and inelastic from sticking too many double eyelid tapes. Because of this, my eyelines and eyeshadows do not stay on my face, which affects my makeup effect. I have had enough! So, my friend introduced me to DR REBORN for a thread-lifting treatment,and I have told the surgeon that I want to have double eyelids like the Caucasians. But the surgeon has told me that a too deep and wide crease may not be suitable for my face shape and facial features based on his experience and the aesthetics analysis. I have also told the doctor about the desired effects I want to have and the treatment starts only when we have sufficient communication. I have followed the instructions to apply cold compression on my eyelids at first and switched to warm compression later. The swelling subsides more quickly after 5 days and I have extremely natural double eyelids within 2 weeks! I’m so glad that I have listened to my doctor to give up the idea of having deep and wide double eyelids like the Caucasians. It feels really good that the appearance is natural after the treatment!

double eyelid surgery double eyelid surgery

I’ve had super crazy in-fold double eyelids but they become single eyelids when I open my eyes a little bigger. So, I always give the impression of being tired and I can only apply some simple eye makeup that my eyelines have to be very thick to be visible. I have to meet with my clients for my work and I don’t want to spend too much time on my eye makeup, so I decided to have the thread-lifting double eyelid treatment. I have seen a lot of photos of double eyelid treatment gone wrong so I would like to have my treatment at an effective and safe centre. I went to DR REBORN and the doctors are so professional. They explained to me how the treatment will be done to have the double eyelids that look natural and pretty. It took around an hour for the treatment without procedures like incision and suture removal. I only have to apply cold and warm compression regularly to help reduce swelling. I am very happy about the overall effects and the natural appearance of the eyelids!

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