How to save yourself from left and right breast asymmetry?

Breasts are very important to girls! Breasts are the second characteristic of women, which can bring visual beauty. However, if the chest is asymmetrical, it will inevitably look a bit strange, and it may also affect the development of mental health.

In fact, the size of the breasts on both sides of each person is not exactly the same. If you look carefully, you can still distinguish the size difference, and generally speaking, the difference is not too obvious. Because women's two breasts have different sensitivities to estrogen and progesterone, the breast that is more sensitive to hormones will develop earlier, so it will usually grow larger, and then form large and small breasts. Basically, the difference between the two breasts is 0.5~1 Within the cup is a reasonable range. However, if the left-right asymmetry of the chest is serious, you should pay more attention to it.

How to improve breast size? Daily Good Habits You Should Know!

What should I do if I already have big and small breasts? I am troubled when I put on clothes every day, I feel less and less confident in myself, and worry that I will never regain the beauty of the past. Don't be afraid! Introduce you to a few good daily methods, and take you back to your inner beauty!

Everyday Postures – Start with Sleep

People who are used to sleeping on their side, with their legs raised, or hunched back should start by adjusting their daily posture. When sleeping, they should change to a flat sleeping position to avoid compressing the breasts and help the balanced development of both breasts. Get used to it so that the muscles on both sides of the spine are evenly stressed, so that the size of the breasts will not become more and more obvious.

Get used to massage

You can massage the chest properly at ordinary times, and gently massage the smaller side of the chest back and forth with your hands to promote blood circulation and accelerate the growth and development of the chest. When exercising, the amount of muscle training on both sides of the body should be properly distributed, so that the muscles on both sides of the body can develop in a balanced manner, and the size of the milk caused by the dominant side can be improved.

diet therapy

Maintain a balanced diet, take in enough nutrients, eat more fruits and vegetables, and supplement vitamins. Eat less food that is irritating to the body to prevent endocrine disorders and affect breast development. In addition, getting enough sleep is very important, pay attention to going to bed early and getting up early, so that the endocrine is in a relatively stable state.

Find the underwear that really suits you

Finding a piece of underwear that suits you is the easiest of all improvement methods to implement, but it is also the most easily overlooked. Many girls with big and small breasts are because of wearing underwear that doesn't fit well. Breast size will change according to your daily life, eating habits, hormone secretion and endocrine disruptors. Therefore, it is recommended to measure the bust to confirm the size of the underwear when buying underwear. Only when you buy underwear that matches your breast size can you wear it Comfortable, while improving the problem of large and small breasts.

Aesthetic surgery to improve breast size

This is the most direct and quick-acting method.However, before performing any surgery, one must carefully understand the advantages and disadvantages of different surgeries in order to evaluate the most suitable medical aesthetic treatment for oneself.

DR REBORN "Motiva Magic Drop NaturalBreast Enhancement"Using US FDA-approved medical-grade silicone manufacturing materials, the new generation of silicone Progressive Gel Ultima tm 4D fluid colloid, so that any posture can present a natural breast shape, just like the natural curve and soft touch of a real breast.


Five advantages of Motiva

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Motiva is very cost-effective

Motiva has received a good reputation for being a quality implant. Other than being safe (capsular contracture rate <1%) and having a natural appearance, Motiva also provides you with as long a 10-year warranty that no other augmentation brand can offer.

Small wound size after surgery

Due to the high malleability of Motiva's TrueMonobloc®, the implant can be inserted into the body with a small incision of 2.5 to 3 cm.

No complications after surgery

According to a clinical research published in 2017, the complication rate of Motiva was lower than 1% after 3 years of implantation. It has the lowest complication rate in the industry and no complications such as class 3 and class 4 capsular contracture, puckers, fractures, and late seroma.

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