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Star Endorser- Gillian Chung

Witness for “BBD Medical Leg Slimming Treatment”

Gillian Chung was a track team member in high school, therefore her legs were comparatively thicker. She has tried various methods to slim them, but there were no effects.

DR REBORN understood her needs and did an analysis for her, and found out that Gillian’s thighs are classified as “muscle obesity”, not fat; hence DR REBORN recommended Gillian the “BBD Medical Leg Slimming Treatment” to fix the problem.

After several courses, the shape of Gillian’s legs has been significantly improved.

Treatments including:
  • BOTOX - Face, calfs and arms slimming treatments
  • Frozen fat-dissolving body contouring treatment
  • Laser hair removal treatment
  • Medical laser facial treatment