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Famous Artist and Singer from EEG
Famous Film Actress

Star Endorser- Irene Wan

Witness for “Age Freezing Treatments”

DR REBORN suggested a series of “Age Freezing Treatments” for Irene, aged 49, to keep her beauty outlook.

Irene has taken on over 10 difference medical and beauty treatments for lifting, whitening, rejuvenating, moisturizing and contour shaping.

Treatments including:
  • HIFU Focused Ultrasound - Firming and Lifting 
  • Medical laser Facial - Spot fading & Rejuvenating
  • TEOSYAL Redensity I - Moisturizing and Brightening
  • Restylane - Filling temple areas, wrinkles and forehead 
  • TEOSYAL Redensity II - Filling tear troughs
  • BOTOX - Treating crow's feet
  • Scarlet RF - Treating wrinkles around eye area and forehead